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Iron Maiden (Music)

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Iron Maiden is a British heavy metal band that was founded in 1975 in London, England, by bassist Steve Harris. The band is considered to be one of the most influential bands in the heavy metal genre and has sold over 100 million albums worldwide. The band has made his mark with his spectacular stage shows. Iron Maiden has also had great influence on the development of other metal genres. An example of this is including the American thrash metal band Slayer, which ranks the Iron Maiden as one of the bands that have influenced them most. Iron Maiden has served as an important source of inspiration for generations of bands, from Metallica (36 pics) and Megadeth to Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold. All three contribute with their renditions of Iron Maiden songs on the tribute disc Maiden Heaven. It was in July 2008 journal of rock magazine Kerrang!. 19. August 2005, the band was also a member of Hollywood's Rock Walk, which is music's answer to Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The band's mascot, Eddie, is a figure that appears in both shows and covers of the albums they've released. It has also been made a video game based on Eddie called Ed Hunter.

As of 2008, Iron Maiden released 14 studio albums, nine compilation / boxes and eight live albums.


The long - and occasionally tricky - the road to world fame began in 1975. Christmas Day bassist Steve Harris formed Iron Maiden and recruited guitarists Dave Sullivan and Terry Rance, drummer Ron Matthews, and vocalist Paul Day. Paul Day was quickly fired from the band and replaced by Dennis Wilcock. A bit later, Dave Sullivan and Terry Rance replaced by Dave Murray, who would become the new permanent head of the band with Steve Harris. After over thirty years with many replacements, especially in the beginning, it is still the two who sit in the "driving seat" of the band.


Iron Maiden went through many replacements during the 1970s, and in this period lived band themselves by playing mostly on the punk clubs around London's East End. Although Iron Maiden was a heavy metal band inspired primarily by Deep Purple, Yes, Wish Bone Ash and Black SABBA (4 pics)th, carried their music characterized by a fast punk style in the beginning. A break from this style, however, when the original vocalist Paul Day was the band in favor of Dennis Wilcock. While Day was a fan of punk-style, were Wilcock as KISS fan more interested in the use of pyrotechnics, makeup and fake blood on stage.

If the band had been punkish before, so they were no less punkish when Paul Di'Anno took over as vocalist. The labels had for years been trying to convince the Iron Maiden to cut hair and sacrifice metal style in favor of a "more punkish style, and with short-haired Di'Anno as frontman to the band mixing the two styles into a blissful mix of classical themes, galloping metal rhythms and quick "hardcore guitar riffs. In 1978 Harris and Murray did quite well in stabilizing the crew members of the band, which now consisted of Harris, Murray and Di'Anno, as well as drummer Doug Sampson.

Iron Maiden was a sensation in the English rock environment at this time. The band had played together in only three years, but had at that time had a loyal base of supporters. They had not recorded any of the music they had made yet, and 31 December 1978 the band recorded one of the most famous demos in rock history. The demo contained four tracks, three of whom were with the single, The Soundhouse Tapes (1979), which today is an attractive object that both the bootleg and pirated copy.

Soundhouse Tapes was released on 10 November 1979 in just 5 000 copies, all of which were torn away during the week. The single was released as an original copy back in 1996, still in limited release, and these copies were for thousands of dollars. Two of the songs on the single, "Prowler" and "Iron Maiden", went straight into first place on the English metal charts.

Dave Murray had previously been accompanied by an extra guitarist, but most of the 1977 and 1978, he was alone on guitar. This changed with Tony Parsons's accession in 1979. In late October the same year wrote Iron Maiden under a larger contract with EMI - the agreement was not made public until 15 December - a deal that marked the beginning of a collaboration that would last for almost 15 years.

Almost simultaneously joined Parsons in the band - after only 10 weeks - and was replaced by Dennis Stratton, even though Iron Maiden initially wanted Murray's childhood friend Adrian Smith of Parsons's successor. Murray and Smith had in the early 1970s, playing together in a school band called "Evil Ways". Smith, however, was busy as a singer and guitarist in his own band, Urchin. Some months later, in January 1980, also had a drummer Sampson throw in the towel, because of illness. He was replaced by Clive Burr, and the band were with the ready to go in the studio for their first album.


The album Iron Maiden was released in 1980 and received good reviews at the top of a good sale. The album contained some of their biggest and most famous songs. The band opened for KISS on their 1980 Unmasked Tour, in addition to that they opened for the legendary Judas Priest for some concerts. After KISS tour, Dennis Stratton was fired from the band because of "creative and personal differences", and finally lay all the way for Adrian Smith's entry in the band.

Smith brought something new to Iron Maiden sound. His more rhythmic and experimental style was complimentary to Murray's "blues" melodic style. One of the band's trademarks are "twin harmonies" as Murray and Smith delivers with a style that no doubt was inspired by Wish Bone Ash and Thin Lizzy, but that they did to the typical metal today.

In 1980, Iron Maiden also visited Norway for the first time that opened for Kiss in Drammenshallen.

In 1981, Maiden released their second album, Killers. It was with this album they were introduced to an American audience for the first time. At this time, Iron Maiden had already established itself as the main attraction among the bands that made up the British metal wave, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Killers are still one of the band's fastest and heaviest album, and is the favorite album for many of the oldest supporters.

"Golden Age"

As a group, Iron Maiden was never involved in a lot of partying and drug use, if you look away from the singer Paul Di'Anno. As they were about to get his big break in the U.S., was the behavior of Di'Anno more and more devastating for the band, which in turn had a negative effect on the performance of music, and at the end of 1981, he was replaced to favor of former Samson singer Bruce Dickinson.

Dickinson had a different - according to many better - way to interpret - and singing - the songs, and his voice had a different number of broad than singers before him. His debut with Iron Maiden was part of the album The Number of the Beast, who is considered a classic in the heavy metal genre. The album was a success worldwide, and especially two songs set explicitly mark for itself: "The Number of the Beast" and "Run to the Hills", as well as one of their absolute best, "Hallowed Be Thy Name".

For the first time the band went on a world tour, visiting, among other things United States, Japan and Australia. Tour, however, was disturbed by religious groups who claimed that Iron Maiden was a satanistisk band because of the dark lyrics, which they claimed was about Satan. In real terms there was only one of the songs - "The Number of the Beast," which is about a nightmare - that touch returned, "the dark side of theology." Iron Maiden denied all this, and to date, not the band released a single album that might have been labeled with warnings because of the content.

After the huge success of The Number of the Beast, the band had become superstars worldwide. Before they went back to the studio in 1983, drummer Clive Burr was replaced by Nicko McBrain. The next year, Maiden released four albums all went platinum several times in several places in the world; Piece of Mind (1983), Powerslave (1984), Live After Death (1985) and Somewhere in Time (1986). Wherever they went they gathered a large audience, especially in Scandinavia, South America, Asia, Australia and the United States, where they still are very popular when they're out on tour.

All these albums contained songs that consisted of complex melodies, frequent rhythm changes, and often classical themes. Unlike many other similar bands at the same time, avoided Iron Maiden conscious songs that revolved around alcohol, drugs, sex and women - the latter, however, with four exceptions (the songs "Charlotte the Harlot" "22 Acacia Avenue" <> and "Women In Uniform"). The lyrics revolved around rather a lot about English literature ( "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"), history ( "Alexander the Great") and war ( "The Trooper"). The music was often described as "intelligent metal", and is still considered to be in a class by itself if one compares with many other metal bands in the 1980s.


In 1988 the band tried a different approach to their seventh studio album, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. This was a concept album that dealt with children with clairvoyant powers, and was based on the book Seventh Son by Orson Scott Card. It was the most experimental Iron Maiden album they had made until then, and is often referred to as the band's creative peak and best album, but at the same end of the "golden age".


For the first time in seven years the band experienced a replacement of the members, when guitarist Adrian Smith left. Former guitarist of Gillan, Janick Gers, was chosen to replace Smith. In 1990 the band released No Prayer for the Dying, which received a poor reception among fans. With this album was Iron Maiden back to the slightly heavier style, but the lyrics were easier, and the music itself was not as challenging as before. In addition, vocalist Bruce Dickinson began to experiment with a sharper voice, which neither was very well received among fans. The album, however, was a commercial success, and resulted in a top spot on the charts with the song "Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter", from the horror film A Nightmare On Elm Street (7 pics) 5

Before the release of No Prayer for the Dying, Dickinson began a solo career in parallel with being the lead singer of Iron Maiden (Janick Gers was otherwise a guitarist in his band). He continued to tour for Iron Maiden in 1991, and entered the studio with them to produce a successful album Fear of the Dark, which was published in 1992. The album had several songs which became very popular among fans, including "Afraid two Shoot Strangers" which focused a critical eye on the Gulf War.

Although the metal was seen as old-fashioned in 1992 - grunge was popular at this time - continued to Iron Maiden to play for sold-out arenas worldwide. Dickinson, however, continued to sing in a sharp manner, and most of the texts was a disappointment compared to the band's earlier successes. In 1993 Bruce Dickinson left the band to pursue his solo career. This was a hard battle for both Iron Maiden and the fans. Dickinson, however, promised to be in the band until the end of the year, which resulted in the live album A Real Live One and A Real Dead One.

To start over again...

Iron Maiden tried out hundreds of singers before they finally chose Blaze Bayley in 1994. Blaze had previously been the lead singer of Wolfsbane and proved a worthy successor to Dickinson, even though his voice had the same range as Dickinson.

After three years since the last album was The X Factor released in 1995, and was first followers split up; either loved Mon album, or so hated, well. Much of the reason for this schism must NOK is due to the sound of The X Factor was very different from all the albums the band had released. The album served one dark and gloomy song after another, possibly due to Steve Harris's personal problems at this time. The 11-minute epic song "Sign of the Cross", which deals with the Inquisition, however, stands out like a real Iron Maiden classic.

In 1996 the band was mostly out and toured, before they again returned to the studio, to produce Virtual XI. The album was released in 1998, was clearly much "happier" than The X Factor, and had some proper gems of songs, including "The Educated Fool" and the ballad "Como Estais Amigos". For some reason, the worst song, seen from the supporters side, "The Angel and the Gambler", a real hit. This resulted, of course, in that many heard this song before they decided whether to buy Virtual XI, which in turn resulted that they did not buy the album. Virtual XI was never a sales success, and was the first album from Iron Maiden that is not sold more than one million copies.

Early in 1999 left the Bayley Iron Maiden, and only a few months later, the band shocked the world when they announced their reunion with not only the former lead singer Bruce Dickinson, but also former guitarist Adrian Smith. Janick Gers would also continue in the band, so that Iron Maiden now had three guitarists - which is fairly unusual for musical groups. In addition, it was obvious that Dickinson through the 1990s had gradually returned to its "pure voice", rather than the slightly rougher voice on the No Prayer for the Dying and Fear of the Dark, and everything was suddenly 80-digits again. The band embarked on a reunion tour, and together both old and new fans all over the world.

In 2000 began the period Mon may well call "the progressive years". The band released the album Brave New World, based on Aldous Huxley's novel of the same name. The songs were longer, and the lyrics dealt with everything from the dark themes of social criticism. The band got a new fan base with experimentation in progressive metal, and Brave New World was seen as the best Iron Maiden album for over 10 years.

The world tour ended in January 2001 with a concert at Rock in Rio festival. For the band, and not least the supporters, it was like a dream come true; Iron Maiden were back where they were at their greatest in the 1980s. They played there for 250 000 audience members.

The band continued with their progressive trend of the album Dance of Death (2003). The album went platinum in several countries, and left no doubt that Iron Maiden was still a heavy metal sensation. Some go so far as to say that Dance of Death actually surpassed Brave New World when it comes to creativity, and that it is the best album since Seventh Son of a Seventh Son from 1988. Dance of Death is also the only album the band has released the drummer Nicko McBrain has contributed to creating a song - "New Frontier" - in which he wrote the bass line.

In 2005, Iron Maiden announced a tour to celebrate that there had been 25 years since their first album was released, and that there had been 30 years since the band was created. A reissue of the Number of the Beast-the single went straight to No. 3 on the British charts. Tour should also support up around the release of the DVD The Early Days, which is a tribute to themselves and the music they made in the period 1976-83. In autumn 2005, CD Death on the Road was released. It was initially planned that this would be released simultaneously with a DVD release, but it seemed long in coming to the 6 February 2006.

28. August 2006, Iron Maiden 14 studio album, A Matter of Life and Death, released. The album received critical acclaim, and was widely seen as the clear best since Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, and ended up quickly at the top of the charts in several countries. That fall the band went out on another world tour, and visited Norway twice, first in Valhall Arena in Oslo, and two days later in Vestlandshallen in Bergen. Both concerts were almost sold out.

10. June 2007 played Iron Maiden at Download Festival as headliner for the fourth time. The whole concert was their "streamed" directly to the festival's own Internet radio.

In 2008, la Iron Maiden embarked on a new world tour, called "Somewhere Back in Time", where they played songs from the first seven albums. Tour started in February 2008. The band took a trip to most parts of the world, including Europe and Norway, where they played at Lerkendal and Valle Hovin in July 2008. In the first round of the tour in 2008 was Iron Maiden specially decorated a Boeing 757 aircraft, christened "Ed Force One" to transport band equipment and technicians to Australia, Asia and South America.

The band won the Brit Awards (the British Grammy Award) in 2009 as the Year Best Live Band 2008. According to statements from both Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris, Iron Maiden is planning to record and release its album number 15 in 2009. A documentary film, Iron Maiden: Flight 666, recorded under the "Somewhere Back in Time" tour, premiered at the cinema the world over 21 April, 2009. It is also released on DVD and Blu-ray.




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