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Atomic Kitten


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Atomic Kitten (Music)
Atomic Kitten (Music)
Atomic Kitten (Music)
Atomic Kitten (Music)
Atomic Kitten (Music)
Atomic Kitten (Music)
Atomic Kitten (Music)
Atomic Kitten (Music)
Atomic Kitten (Music)
Atomic Kitten (Music)
Atomic Kitten (Music)
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Information about Atomic Kitten

Atomic Kitten are an English girl group from Liverpool, first established in 1999 (22 years ago). Formed by Andy McCluskey, the trio include Liz McClarnon (10 walls), Natasha Hamilton and Jenny Frost (17 walls) who replaced Kerry Katona after her leaving in 2001 (20 years ago).


1999-2001: Right Now

Atomic Kitten was first conceived in 1997 (24 years ago) by Andy McCluskey of 1980 (41 years ago) band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. McCluskey originally chose Heidi Range (now in the group Sugababes (6 walls)) to be a member along with Liz McClarnon (10 walls) and Kerry Katona, but Range decided to opt out and was replaced by Natasha Hamilton. This line-up was finalised in 1999 (22 years ago).

The group's first single "Right Now" debuted in dec. 1999 (22 years ago) and reached the UK Top 10. After their initial success, Atomic Kitten performed an Asian tour and scored their first hit there with "Cradle". The album, also titled Right Now, was first released in Japan on 16 Mar. 2000 (21 years ago) and subsequently released in the United Kingdom on 23 Oct. 2000 (21 years ago) with a slightly modified track list. In Jul. 2000 (21 years ago), the group also recorded a cover version of "The Locomotion" for the movie Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

The Right Now album was unsuccessful upon its first release, peaking only at no.39 in the UK album chart. Initially, there were no plans to focus on the global market and Atomic Kitten's record label, Innocent Records, was even considering dropping them because of their limited success. However, the record company were persuaded to allow the group to record one more single. The single, Whole Again, became their first no.1 hit in the UK in 2001 (20 years ago). The song and video for "Whole Again" originally featured Kerry Katona, however, she left the group several days prior to the number-one position because of her pregnancy. The single was remade when Jenny Frost (17 walls) was added to the line-up as Katona's replacement. This led to a decision to partially re-record and re-release the album, which then went to no.1 in Aug. 2001 (20 years ago).

The next single "Eternal Flame", a cover version of the 1989 (32 years ago) hit by The Bangles, also became a no.1 hit.

2002-2003: Feels So Good

Following the success of "Whole Again", a new album, Feels So Good, was recorded. The songwriting and production agreement with Andy McCluskey was an increasing source of tension within the group and the girls decided to terminate the contract with McCluskey halfway through the recording of the album.

The first single off the album was "It's OK!". Even though this song performed well in the charts, securing a No. 3 position, it was the next single "The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling)", a remake of the 1965 (56 years ago) song by The Paragons (also made famous by Blondie in 1980 (41 years ago)), which attained Atomic Kitten their third number-one single. In Apr. 2002 (19 years ago), Hamilton announced that she was pregnant, but rather than leave the group, she opted to continue with the scheduled 2002 (19 years ago) tour. Hamilton filmed the music video for "The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling)", and made an appearance at Party in the Park before finally going on pregnancy leave.

During Jan. and Feb. 2003 (18 years ago), Atomic Kitten toured around Southeast Asia, visiting Singapore, Thailand and Korea. Hamilton, who had given birth to her son, Josh, on 24 Aug. 2002 (19 years ago), decided to take her newborn baby with her on the tour as well.

2003-2004: Ladies Night and split

In Apr. 2003 (18 years ago), the group released the album, Atomic Kitten in the United States. Until that time, the group had not focused on the American market, and the album consisted of tracks from their first two albums, Right Now and Feels So Good. Promotion for the album began with the single, The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling), appearing on the soundtrack for the Disney film, The Lizzie McGuire Movie starring Hilary Duff. However, after the album only managed to peak at #102 on the US Billboard chart, it was decided the group would focus solely on the European and Asian markets.

Before recording their third album, Kool and the Gang approached the group about a collaboration for their album of duets, Odyssey. Kool and the Gang wanted to record an updated version of their hit "Ladies Night" and were looking for a girl group to sing the lyrics. Atomic Kitten liked the idea and enquired whether they could use it for their next album which was subsequently named Ladies Night in honour of this collaboration.

Atomic Kitten spent late 2002 (19 years ago) and early 2003 (18 years ago) in the studio recording their third and final studio album. Up until the recording of Ladies Night, the group mainly relied on songwriters, though they had occasionally co-written songs featured on their albums. While recording Ladies Night, they decided to be directly involved in the creation of eight of the fifteen songs. Ladies Night was released on 10 Nov. 2003 (18 years ago), and peaked at no.5 in the UK album chart.

In early 2004 (17 years ago), a tour to support the Ladies Night album and the upcoming release of their Greatest Hits album was planned. Shortly before the tour kicked off, the group announced they would be splitting after the completion of the tour.

2005-present occasional and charity work

On 23 January, 2004 (17 years ago), Natasha Hamilton decided to devote more time to her young son and wanted to take a hiatus from the group. Atomic Kitten released the single "Someone Like Me/Right Now 2004" as a "goodbye" to their fans, but were reunited on Valentine's Day 2005 (16 years ago) to release the charity single "Cradle 2005", a new version of the original song from their album Right Now. "Cradle 2005" peaked at No. 10, with proceeds going to World Vision.

In 2005 (16 years ago), the group was featured on the soundtrack of Disney's Mulan II with the song "(I Wanna Be) Like Other Girls". In 2005 (16 years ago), they also performed together in Krakow, Poland on 28 Aug. at the Coca-Cola SoundWave Festival.

In 2006 (15 years ago), Atomic Kitten recorded a one-off single, "All Together Now (Strong Together)", in association with Goleo VI, the official mascot of the FIFA World Cup 2006 (15 years ago). The track is taken from The Official FIFA World Cup Album and was released for digital download and in CD form on 6 June, 2006 (15 years ago), in Germany, where the World Cup was held ten days later. The single was listed by the HMV website for physical release in the UK many weeks prior to the competition, but was later withdrawn due to the amount of competing football records that were being released at that time. The proceeds of the single went to SOS Children's Villages.

On 4 dec. 2006 (15 years ago), the group reunited again for a one-off performance of "Whole Again" and two other songs at a benefit concert for the Michael Shields appeal at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

On 31 dec. 2006 (15 years ago), Atomic Kitten performed at the Ocean Terminal in Hong Kong at Nokia's New Year's Eve celebration. The appearance marked their second international appearance since splitting in 2004 (17 years ago).

Steps, Nsync, S Club 7, Atomic Kitten, B*Witched and the Vengaboys all reunited in 2007 (14 years ago) for a one off gig named The Battle of the Pop Bands. Atomic Kitten released another charity single, Anyone Who Had A Heart on 27 Jan. 2008 (13 years ago), a version of Dionne Warwick's 1963 (58 years ago) hit as part of the Liverpool Number One Project. The single peaked at no.77 in the UK. On 19 Jan. 2008 (13 years ago), Atomic Kitten had returned to the stage for The Number One Project, where they sang "Anyone Who Had a Heart", "Whole Again" and "The Tide is High (Get the Feeling)" live. On 25 Jan. 2008 (13 years ago), the group appeared on GMTV, talking about The Number One Project and performed "Anyone Who Had a Heart" in the studio. Later that same day Liz McClarnon (10 walls) and Natasha Hamilton appeared on Radio 1's Scott Mills Show.


Jenny Frost (17 walls) (2001 - present) (born Feb. 22, 1978 (43 years ago), in Prestwich, United Kingdom), and started her musical career in the girl-group Precious who represented the United Kingdom in the 1999 (22 years ago) Eurovision Song Contest. Frost replaced Kerry Katona in 2001 (20 years ago). After the split of Atomic Kitten, Frost embarked on a solo career and released her first single "Crash Landing" on 10 October, 2005 (16 years ago) but has not embarked on a presenting career as the host of bbc3 programme Snog Marry Avoid? which has currently ran for 2 series with a series 3 commissioned.
Natasha Hamilton (1999 - present) (born Jul. 17, 1982 (39 years ago), in Liverpool, United Kingdom). In January, 2004 (17 years ago), she decided to take a break from Atomic Kitten because she wanted to spend more time with her sons.
Liz McClarnon (10 walls) (1999 - present) (born Elizabeth Margaret McClarnon, Apr. 10, 1981 (40 years ago), in Liverpool, United Kingdom), was one of the original members of the group. While in Atomic Kitten, she co-wrote many of their songs. Her solo single "Woman in Love" was released on Feb. 14, 2006 (15 years ago) and in 2008 (13 years ago) became the winner of Masterchef.

Former members:

Kerry Katona (1999 - 2001 (20 years ago)) (born sep. 6, 1980 (41 years ago), in Warrington, United Kingdom), was one of the original members of Atomic Kitten. Katona was featured on the original Right Now album in 2000 (21 years ago), but left in Jan. 2001 (20 years ago) after she became pregnant with her daughter and since has been in the headlines for past 7 years most out of scandal and has became the most famous member out of the band.
Heidi Range (1999, 22 years ago) (born May 23, 1983 (38 years ago), in Liverpool), was part of the original line up but left before the first single. In 2001 (20 years ago), she became famous as a new member of the Sugababes (6 walls) (1998-present).

Solo careers

  • Natasha Hamilton was scheduled to release a solo single, "Round and Round," at the end of 2008 (13 years ago).
  • Liz McClarnon (10 walls) has also embarked on a solo career, releasing the single "Woman in Love / I Get the Sweetest Feeling", which peaked at no.5 in the UK. McClarnon also competed to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 (14 years ago) in Helsinki with "Happy" but failed to win. The song was later released as a download-only track. Her debut solo album was scheduled for 2008 (13 years ago), but has so far never been released. McLarnon has since concentrated on TV work, and won Celebrity Masterchef on 25 Jul. 2008 (13 years ago). In Oct. 2008 (13 years ago), she was chosen to front the National Lottery Show on BBC1 and made her debut on 29 Oct. 2008 (13 years ago). On 19 Jan. 2009 (12 years ago), she announced on her official Myspace page that she was releasing a single named "Lately" and that she was going to Sweden to record more songs and part of the video. The release was scheduled for May 2009 (12 years ago) but has so far failed to appear.
  • Jenny Frost (17 walls) collaborated with Route 1 for the single "Crash Landing" on 10 Oct. 2005 (16 years ago). The single peaked at no.47 in the UK. Frost's second single, "Bad Girl," a track originally recorded by Lisa Scott-Lee, was planned for 2008 (13 years ago) but was not released.


  • 2000 Right Now - Released on 16 Mar. 2000 (21 years ago)
  • 2001 Right Now (Re-issue) - Released on 6 Aug. 2001 (20 years ago)
  • 2002 Feels So Good - Released on 9 sep. 2002 (19 years ago)
  • 2003 Atomic Kitten - Released on 22 Apr. 2003 (18 years ago)
  • 2003 Ladies Night - Released on 10 Nov. 2003


  • 1999 "Right Now"
  • 2000 "Cradle"
  • 2000 "See Ya"
  • 2000 "I Want Your Love"
  • 2000 "Follow Me"
  • 2001 "Whole Again"
  • 2001 "Eternal Flame"
  • 2001 "You Are"
  • 2002 "It's OK!"
  • 2002 "The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling)"
  • 2002 "The Last Goodbye"
  • 2002 "Be with You"
  • 2003 "Love Doesn't Have to Hurt"
  • 2003 "If You Come To Me"
  • 2003 "Ladies' Night" with Kool & the Gang
  • 2004 "Someone Like Me / Right Now 2004"
  • 2005 "Cradle 2005"
  • 2008 "Anyone Who Had a Heart"


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