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The Final Destination


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The Final Destination (Movies)
The Final Destination (Movies)
The Final Destination (Movies)
The Final Destination (Movies)
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Information about The Final Destination (2009 film)

The Final Destination is a 2009 (10 years ago) 3-D supernatural thriller/horror movie written by Eric Bress and directed by David R. Ellis, both of whom also worked on Final Destination 2. Released on Aug. 28, 2009 (10 years ago), it is the fourth installment to The Final Destination franchise, and the first of which to be shot in HD 3-D.


  • Bobby Campo as Nick O'Bannon
  • Shantel VanSanten as Lori Milligan
  • Haley Webb as Janet Cunningham
  • Nick Zano as Hunt Wynorski
  • Mykelti Williamson as George Lanter
  • Jackson Walker as Jonathon Grove
  • Andrew Fiscella as Andy Kewzer
  • Krista Allen (15 walls) as Samantha Rozcos
  • Justin Welborn as Carter Daniels
  • Stephanie Honore as Nadia Monroy
  • Lara Grice as Cynthia Daniels



After the success of Final Destination 3, which was initially planned to be in 3-D, Eric Bress wrote a script, which impressed producer Craig Perry and New Line Cinema enough to green-light a fourth installment. James Wong was on board to direct, but because of scheduling conflicts, he decided to drop out. Consequently, the studio executives opted for David R. Ellis to return because of his work on Final Destination 2, who personally accepted because of the 3-D. For the 3-D, which is the same technology James Cameron used for Avatar, Perry said that he wanted it to add depth to the movie instead of just "something pop[ping] out at the audience every four minutes."


Although shooting was to be done in Vancouver, which was where the previous three movies were shot, David R. Ellis convinced the producers to shoot in New Orleans instead to bring business in the city, and because the budget was already big. The opening crash sequence at "McKinley Speedway" was filmed at Mobile International Speedway in Irvington, Alabama. Filming began on Mar. 2008 (11 years ago) and ended late May in the same year. Reshoots were done in Apr. 2009 (10 years ago) at Universal Studios Florida.


Producer Craig Perry presented clips of the movie at San Diego Comic Con. Additionally, the video game Saints Row 2 features The Final Destination posters around the city taped to walls and poles. The video game of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 also features the promotional posters hidden around certain maps with the main goal to find all of the posters for a chance to win $1,300. The video game Skate 2 also features bill boards with posters of The Final Destination on them.The video game "Mercenaries 2" also features billboards with the logo for "The Final Destination" on them as per a recent update to the game.


The movie was accepted with generally negative to negative-mediocre reviews by critics. As of Aug. 29, it holds a 15% "rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating generally negative reviews. The 26 critics agreed that "The Final Destination is predictable, disposable horror fare". Based on 9 reviews collected however, Metacritic awards the movie an average score of 41/100, which denotes "mixed or average reviews".

Apparently, many, if not most, critics opined that "the series has clearly ran out of ideas". "The biggest sin of The Final Destination is its general lack of imagination," says one. "It's death porn, pure and simple," says another. "Whatever hints of originality lay in the series' previous editions have been all but sucked out of this one," spoke Jordan Mintzer of Variety.

The limited pros side to the film, however, include, its "OK sense of humor", "swift [progression]" and "effective opening sequence of racetrack destruction that puts its Fusion 3-D technology to good use." "The Final Destination has some surprising sparks of life to it yet, says Dustin Putman of TheMovieBoy.


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