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Semi Pro


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Semi Pro (Movies)
Semi Pro (Movies)
Semi Pro (Movies)
Semi Pro (Movies)
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Information about Semi Pro

Semi-Pro is a 2008 (12 years ago) American sports comedy movie from New Line Cinema. The movie was directed by Kent Alterman and stars Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, André Benjamin, Maura Tierney, Will Arnett and David Koechner. The movie was shot in Los Angeles near Dodger Stadium (in the gym of the Los Angeles City Fire Department Training Center), in Detroit and in Flint, Michigan. It was released in theaters on Feb. 29, 2008 (12 years ago), and was released on DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) and Blu-ray on Jun. 3, 2008 (12 years ago).



Set in 1976 (44 years ago), Jackie Moon is a singer who has used the profits from his one hit single "Love Me Sexy", to buy a basketball team in the American Basketball Association, the Flint Tropics, becoming the owner, head coach, and starting power forward. The ABA commissioner announces plans for the ABA-NBA merger with the National Basketball Association, but only four teams will move to the more established league. The Tropics, the worst team in the league, are in danger of dissolving. In response, Jackie argues that the teams with the four best records overall should be merged into the NBA. The commissioner reluctantly accepts Jackie's offer.

Now that the Tropics have somewhat of a shot to be an NBA franchise, Jackie trades away the team's washing machine to the Kentucky Colonels for Ed Monix, former backup point guard for the NBA Champion Boston Celtics. Soon, the commissioner reveals that as well as having a top-four record, the Tropics will also have to have a stable fan base and have an attendance of at least 2,000 fans every remaining game of the season.

Jackie begins to promote wildly by such gimmicks as watching him wrestle a bear after the game. The Tropics begin playing better with Monix, as well as the increased intensity of Clarence "Coffee Black" Johnson. Monix soon takes over as offensive and defensive coordinators, as well as starting point guard, leaving Jackie merely the title of head coach. Monix trains the team rigorously with a play he calls the "puke", as the players are to run it, without a ball, until they vomit.

From Monix's training, the Tropics go on a winning run, moving them up from last to fifth. Suddenly Jackie, now extremely excited for the possibilities in his grasp, gets a visit from the commissioner. The commissioner tells the team that the NBA does not think that Flint has a large enough media market and will not allow the Tropics into the league even if they beat the first place San Antonio Spurs on Saturday. Distressed, Jackie admits that he stole "Love Me Sexy" from a napkin his mother wrote on three weeks before she died. Now realizing that all his assets, including the team, are basically stolen, Jackie trades Coffee Black to the Spurs so that he may realize his talent in the NBA. Monix inspires the team to leave everything on the court as, while they may not be able to continue the franchise after this season, they have come very far and still have a lot to prove.

Going into the Spurs game, they are in fifth place and with a win they would make it into fourth, although they have no chance in making it into the NBA. The game begins and the Tropics fall behind quickly. In the closing seconds of the first half, Jackie gets fouled hard by Spurs player Petrelli while going up for a shot, and is injured. Coffee Black decides he has seen enough, and rushes in to the Tropics' locker rooms with the rest of the team, which angers the Spurs' players and coach.

During halftime, an unconscious Jackie imagines that he is in heaven with his mother. He apologizes for stealing her song and then she gives him a weapon in order to win the final game of the franchise. Awaking in the locker room, he tells the team what they are going to do to win. Back on the court, the Tropics reveal their new weapon: the Alley-Oop. With the return of Coffee Black, it is very effective and Coffee Black leads the charge back. At first, the referee calls the play a foul, but after some persuasion by Jackie and Monix, is soon convinced that it is a legitimate score. The Tropics take advantage of this new strategy and begin coming back. After the Spurs start defending against the alley oop, Monix then takes charge and calls for them to run "The Puke" with 12 seconds left and down by two points, 115-117. The play gives Jackie the ball, but he gets fouled hard again with two seconds left. Shooting "granny style", Moon sinks the first basket. The second rebounds off and Monix tips it in right at the buzzer for two points to score a victory for the Tropics.

The coach of the Spurs offers Coffee Black a position on the team. The now-former ABA commissioner offers Jackie a position on the staff of the NBA assistant commissioner, as a marketing director. Just as Jackie is about to accept, the commissioner is mauled by the bear Jackie wrestled with earlier.


  • Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon
  • André Benjamin/Joe Mulligan as Clarence Withers/Coffee Black/Downtown "Funky Stuff" Malone/Sugar Dunkerton/"Jumping" Johnny Johnson
  • Woody Harrelson as Ed Monix
  • Maura Tierney as Lynn
  • Andy Richter as Bobby Dee
  • Andrew Daly as Dick Pepperfield
  • Will Arnett as Lou Redwood
  • David Koechner as Alan Ault the ABA Commissioner
  • Rob Corddry as Kyle
  • Matt Walsh as Father Pat
  • Patti LaBelle as Jackie's Mom
  • Tim Meadows as Cornelius Banks
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Dukes
  • Kristen Wiig as Bear Trainer Girl
  • Jay Phillips as Scootsie Double Day
  • Josh Braaten as Twiggy Munson
  • Peter Cornell as Vakidis
  • Ian Roberts as Spurs coach
  • DeRay Davis as Bee Bee Ellis
  • Pat Kilbane as Petrelli
  • Artis Gilmore as Restaurant customer
  • George Gervin as Restaurant customer
  • Jason Sudeikis as Danny


The movie was released on DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) and Blu-ray Disc on Jun. 3, 2008 (12 years ago). There is a theatrical R-Rated version DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) and Blu-Ray Disc or a 2-Disc "Let's Get Sweaty" Unrated Edition DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) and Blu-ray Disc. Special features include unrated deleted scenes and more.


The movie received negative to mixed reviews from critics. The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 21% of critics gave the movie positive reviews, based on 149 reviews (as of Jun. 23, 2008 (12 years ago)). Metacritic reported the movie had an average score of 47 out of 100, based on 29 reviews.

In his review for The Village Voice, Robert Wilonsky wrote that director Kent Alterman, "valiantly tries to tweak the formula by adding a dash more sincerity and humanity to the froth but doesn't get too adventurous. But in the end, it's comedy comfort food, something powdered poured from a box".


  1. "Love Me Sexy" – Jackie Moon
  2. "Get Da Funk Out Ma' Face" – Brothers Johnson
  3. "Lady Marmalade" – Labelle
  4. "The World Is a Ghetto" – WAR
  5. "Tell Me Something Good" – Ronnie Laws
  6. "Mr. Big Stuff" – Jean Knight
  7. "Give Me Just a Little More Time" – Chairmen of the Board
  8. "Why Can't We Be Friends" – WAR
  9. "Walking in Rhythm" – The Blackbyrds
  10. "Dance to the Music" – Sly & The Family Stone
  11. "Love Rollercoaster" – Ohio Players
  12. "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)" – Sly & The Family Stone
  13. "Move on Up" – Curtis Mayfield
  14. "Shining Star" – Earth, Wind & Fire


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