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Land Of The Lost


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Land Of The Lost (Movies)
Land Of The Lost (Movies)
Land Of The Lost (Movies)
Land Of The Lost (Movies)
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Information about Land Of The Lost

Land of the Lost is an American comedy movie directed by Brad Silberling and starred Will Ferrell and Anna Friel , based on the 1974 (45 years ago) TV series of the same name.

Production began in Mar. 2008 (11 years ago). It was originally scheduled to be released on Jul. 9 but the release date was moved up to Jun. 5 to avoid competition with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The movie grossed $7.1 million on its Jun. 5 opening day, and was #3 at the box office. The movie finished its opening weekend in third place, behind Up and The Hangover with a total of $18.8 million, making it Will Ferrell's least-successful summer movie opening to that point. Critics largely panned the movie and box office receipts fell far short of the cost of making the movie.



Three years after being kicked out of the science department for his theory of time warps and his attack on Matt Lauer on The Today Show, paleontologist Rick Marshall (Will Ferrell) is reduced to working as a teacher for children at the George C. Page Museum until he meets Holly Cantrell (Anna Friel) who urges him to finish his tachyon amplifier after presenting him with a fossil imprinted with the image (wallpaper) of his lighter. When he does, they go to the Devils Cave where Holly found the fossiled imprint, with tour guide Will Stanton. Marshall activates the T-amplifier triggering an earthquake, and the three end up in a parallel universe having lost the amplifier.

Finding themselves in a strange world without the tachyon amplifier, the befriend a Pakuni named Chaka before falling into the feeding grounds of a Tyrannosaurus which then chases them until they reach a crevice in a cave, momentarily giving up though bent on eating Marshall for insulting him during the chase. Holly, knowing the dinosaur's attitude, gives him the name "Grumpy". The next day, Marshall has visions about a strange creature begging for his help and goes to find the Lost City where they encounter a strange glass beacon, the Pylon, that turns into a vocoder when they touch it before being attacked by creatures called Sleestaks. When the Pylon opens, Marshall enters, meeting the creature Enik. Enik tells them that the evil Zarn is out to control the universe and needs the tachyon amplifier.

Chaka takes the group through the jungle and onto a salt flat landscape, filled with numerous jumbled objects and landmarks. The others discover that the area is a feeding site for Compsognathus and Velociraptors, who attack a wandering ice cream man, until Grumpy comes and scares them off. An Allosaurus arrives as well. The two territorial predators prepare to fight when they both catch Marshall's scent and chase after him. Marshall runs from "Big Alice", and liquid nitrogen to freeze the Allosaurus to death, then finds the tachyon amplifier among her remains before a Pteranodon took it. After getting the amplifier back, the group takes a break at a motel in the salt flat. While Marshall, Will and Chaka laze in the pool, Holly repairs the amplifier and wanders off. She finds dinosaur eggs and takes one before accidentally triggering a holographic message from the Zarn, learning that Enik is the real villain.

Marshall, Will, and Chaka realize Holly is missing and leave to find her. Finding two mating Sleestaks who shed their skin, Marshall and Will use the shed skin to disguise themselves while Chaka takes the tachyon amplifier to Enik. Holly has been captured by Sleestaks and brought before the Library of Skulls to be judged, Marshall and Will arriving to learn that Enik is the villain. After fighting for their lives, the group is ambushed by Enik as he reveals his plan to use the Sleestaks to take over the Earth. He then leaves Marshall and company to their fate as Grumpy arrives to get his revenge.

Marshall takes on Grumpy one-on-one, resulting him being eaten as the dinosaur left. Holly, Will, and Chaka attempt to fight off the numerous Sleestaks. Once they are surrounded, Marshall returns to kill most of the Sleestaks with Grumpy's aid, having made their peace with each other. Marshall and company manage to stop Enik as the portal back to Devil's Cave begins to close. Will chooses to stay with Chaka in the Land Of The Lost so Marshall and Holly can return home. Back on Earth, Matt Lauer gives a second interview with Marshall, ending with Lauer's attempt on Marshall's life for his slander against him. Soon after the show ends, left in the studio by accident, Holly's dinosaur egg hatches into a baby Sleestak.


  • Will Ferrell as Dr. Rick Marshall
  • Anna Friel as Holly Cantrell
  • Danny R. McBride as Will Stanton
  • Jorma Taccone as Chaka
  • John Boylan as Enik
  • Matt Lauer as Himself
  • Leonard Nimoy as the voice of The Zarn


Development of a feature movie based on the show has been in talks at various studios since 1995 (24 years ago). In 2002 (17 years ago), Sony pictures (wallpaper) was working on a movie version, following the 2000 (19 years ago) reversion to the Kroffts of adaptation rights previously bought by Disney as early as 1995 (24 years ago). In Apr. 2005 (14 years ago), Universal pictures (wallpaper) acquired the adaptation rights and attached director Adam McKay and actor Will Ferrell, who had previously collaborated on Anchorman (2004, 15 years ago), to the project. In May 2007 (12 years ago), director Robert Rodriguez met with Universal to potentially direct the movie adaptation of Land of the Lost. Rodriguez had also entered talks with Universal pictures (wallpaper) and Warner Bros. to movie a live action movie adaptation of The Jetsons. The director was uncertain which project he would pursue next, though the latest script draft for The Jetsons by Adam Goldberg was further along in development. In sep. 2007 (12 years ago), director Brad Silberling was announced to be attached to direct the movie adaptation, with Ferrell starring. The project was slated to begin production in Mar. 2008 (11 years ago) after reducing its budget from $125 million to $100 million, and wrapped up shooting at Universal Studios Hollywood.


The movie received mostly negative reviews. The Wall Street Journal stated that it "isn't worth the celluloid it's printed on", Entertainment Weekly remarked that "it leaves you feeling splattered", The New York Daily News called it "a high-concept disaster", Christian Science Monitor labeled it "resolutely uninspired", The Hollywood Reporter labeled it "lame", and The Miami Herald commented that "the whole thing feels at least three summers too stale."


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