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Kill Bill


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Kill Bill (Movies)
Kill Bill (Movies)
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Information about Kill Bill

Kill Bill is the fourth movie by writer-director Quentin Tarantino, starring Uma Thurman (4 walls) as The Bride. Originally conceived as one film, it was released in two separate 'volumes' (in late 2003 (17 years ago) and early 2004 (16 years ago)) due to its running time of approximately four hours. The movie is an epic-length revenge drama, with homages to earlier movie genres, such as Hong Kong martial arts movies, Japanese Chanbara films, exploitation movies and Italian spaghetti westerns; an extensive use of popular music and pop culture references; and aestheticization of violence. Filming took place in California, Texas, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Mexico.


Kill Bill is one story, divided into two volumes with five chapters each, presented in a nonlinear style (as is common among Tarantino's films).

Volume 1

The Bride (Uma Thurman (4 walls)) is a former assassin and lover of a man named Bill (David Carradine), her former boss. Wanting to move beyond the life of an assassin, she left him, and was about to marry another man. Bill and his other assassins, the four Deadly Vipers, arrive at the El Paso wedding chapel, and massacre everyone at the chapel. She attempts to tell her would-be killer, Bill (Carradine), that she is pregnant with his baby, but he shoots her in the side of her head, leaving her in a coma.

She awakens four years later and is horrified to discover she is no longer pregnant, leading her to assume her baby is dead. She escapes from the hospital after dispatching a sleazy orderly named Buck, who has been selling sexual access to her body as she lay comatose, and one of Buck's customers. After killing the two, she takes the keys to Buck's truck (a custom-painted truck with a big "Pussy Wagon" sticker on the back) that she uses to escape the hospital.

Then the Bride travels to Okinawa, Japan to obtain a sword from Hattori Hanzō (Sonny Chiba), a renowned swordsmith, who has retired to the life of a sushi chef. Though Hanzō has taken a blood oath to never make another sword, The Bride is able to convince him of the merit of her mission after telling him her target is his former student Bill.

The Bride then travels to Tokyo Japan, where she confronts a Deadly Viper turned Yakuza leader, O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu (20 walls)), at the House of Blue Leaves. The Bride first wounds O'Ren's lawyer, Sofie Fatale (Julie Dreyfus), then kills her immediate guards, including her personal bodyguard, Gogo Yubari (Kuriyama), then kills most of her army of henchmen, the Crazy 88, before dueling with O'Ren herself. By the duel's end, O-Ren is killed, the top of her skull cleaved off by the Bride's Hanzō sword.

The Bride dumps the badly wounded Fatale at a hospital, where she later tells Bill that she revealed the locations of the remaining Deadly Vipers, and that the Bride is setting out to kill them, as well as Bill himself. Bill asks Fatale if the Bride knows her daughter is still alive.

Some time after this, the Bride arrives at the house of Vernita Green (Fox) of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad in the "Pussy Wagon", and engages her in a vicious fight, though she agrees to cease their hostilities when Vernita's four-year-old daughter arrives. Vernita attempts to apologize to the Bride, but the Bride is unmoved. The two agree to a knife fight later that evening, but before they can depart, Green attempts to kill the Bride, and ends up stabbed to death by the Bride instead. This scene actually opens the movie and the rest is told through flashback. Green is the second Viper to die.

Volume 2

The opening of Volume 2 reprises the opening scenes of the first volume and then cuts to the Bride driving her car to Bill, the last on her death list.

Bill ventures to the California desert to warn his brother Budd (Michael Madsen), another former Deadly Viper, that the Bride will come for him next. Budd, now an overweight alcoholic, has put his assassin days behind him, living in a trailer and working as a bouncer at a local strip club, where he is verbally abused by the manager. The Bride arrives at Budd's trailer that night, but Budd shoots her in the chest with rock salt and injects her with a sedative. Budd calls Elle Driver and offers to sell her the Bride's Hanzō sword for $1,000,000.00USD. Budd then buries the Bride alive with a flashlight in a grave.

As she lies in her grave, The Bride remembers her early training in China, when Bill took her to the temple of legendary martial arts master Pai Mei (Gordon Liu), an elderly martial arts master who could perform a fatal attack called the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, which is so secret that he has not even taught it to Bill. According to Bill, he "hates Caucasians, despises Americans, and has nothing but contempt for women." Nevertheless, he takes in The Bride and molds her into a formidable fighter. He brutally trains her, and she eventually gains his silent respect. In the present, The Bride calls on Pai Mei's training to break out of the coffin and claw her way up to freedom.

The Bride arrives at Budd's trailer to see the one-eyed Elle Driver arriving. Elle gives Budd a suitcase of money for the sword, but it also contains a black mamba that bites Budd repeatedly, killing him immediately. Elle calls Bill to tell him that the Bride killed Budd, and also how to find the final resting place of Beatrix Kiddo, which is revealed at this point to be the Bride's name. Beatrix then attacks Elle, and a furious fight ensues. Elle reveals that Pai Mei, who also taught her, snatched out her eye for calling him a "miserable old fool" and that she later poisoned his fish heads. During the sword clash, Beatrix plucks out Elle's remaining eye, leaving blinded Elle to writhe in the trailer with the same black mamba that killed Budd, leaving her fate ambiguous.

After learning of Bill's location from Esteban Vihaio (Michael Parks), the pimp who raised Bill, Beatrix arrives at Bill's home, where she is shocked to find that B.B., her four-year-old daughter, is alive and apparently expecting her mother's return. The family spends the evening together peacefully, and after B.B. falls asleep, Bill shoots Beatrix with a dart filled with truth serum. Beatrix reveals that, after she discovered her pregnancy she had to put her unborn daughter's future above Bill.

The estranged couple sit down at a table outside. Bill admits he had overreacted towards the situation in attempting to kill her. However, Beatrix claims she is still in disbelief over what Bill had done and insists that she complete her unfinished business. Bill then draws his sword to attack her. Beatrix dodges his attack and draws her own sword, but Bill succeeds in disarming her. He thrusts to stab her with his sword, but she catches it in her Hanzo sheath and disables Bill with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, secretly taught to her by Pai Mei. Bill, defeated, says a tender goodbye before dying. Beatrix sheds a few tears at the death of her former lover, and returns to the house to collect her daughter.


  • Uma Thurman (4 walls)
  • David Carradine
  • Vivica A. Fox
  • Daryl Hannah
  • Lucy Liu (20 walls)
  • Michael Madsen
  • Julie Dreyfus
  • Chiaki Kuriyama
  • Sonny Chiba
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Gordon Liu
  • Michael Parks
  • Michael Bowen
  • Jun Kunimura
  • Christopher Allen Nelson
  • Bo Svenson
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Larry Bishop
  • Laura Cayouette
  • Perla Haney-Jardine
  • Ambrosia Kelley
  • Helen Kim


DVD release

In the United States Kill Bill: Volume 1 was released as a DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) on Apr. 13, 2004 (16 years ago) while Volume 2 was released Aug. 10, 2004 (16 years ago).

In a dec. 2005 (15 years ago) interview, Tarantino addressed the lack of a special edition DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) for Kill Bill by stating "I've been holding off because I've been working on it for so long that I just wanted a year off from Kill Bill and then I'll do the big supplementary DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) package."

The United States does not have a DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) boxed set of Kill Bill, though box sets of the two separate volumes are available in other countries, such as France, Japan and the United Kingdom. Upon the DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) release of Volume 2 in the US, however, Best Buy did offer an exclusive box set slipcase to house the two individual releases together.

High Definition release

Both Kill Bill movies were released in High Definition on Blu-Ray on sep. 9, 2008 (12 years ago) in the United States.

Differences in Japanese cut

While the American cut of the movie shows part of the violent battle at the "House of Blue Leaves" in black-and-white, the Japanese cut shows all of it in color. In addition, the Japanese cut includes many extra bits of violence distributed throughout the film, most notably during the anime sequence and the showdown at the "House of Blue Leaves". Furthermore, the Japanese cut shows The Bride cutting off Sophie's other arm during her interrogation. This causes a continuity error because Sophie's arm is still attached when she is rolling down the hill. These cuts were made to the U.S. version in order to avoid an NC-17 rating.

In Kill Bill Volume 2, the only extra footage in the Japanese cut is an extra 45 seconds added into the Mexican Brothel scene, basically showing extra footage of the setting.

The quotation "Revenge is a dish best served cold" (attributed as being "an old Klingon proverb," in reference to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) at the beginning of "Volume 1" was replaced by a tribute to Japanese filmmaker Kinji Fukasaku:


After a six-year hiatus of Tarantino movies, Kill Bill was much anticipated by fans and critics and generated a tremendous amount of discussion. Reaction by movie critics was largely positive. Both volumes did very well at the box office. Kill Bill Vol. 1 grossed $180,949,045 worldwide, followed by Kill Bill Vol. 2 with $152,159,461 worldwide.

Awards received

Each part was nominated at the Golden Globe Awards. Uma Thurman (4 walls) received a Best Actress in a Motion picture (wallpaper) - Drama nomination in 2004 (16 years ago) and 2005 (15 years ago) for her work in Volume 1 and Volume 2. David Carradine received a Best Supporting Actor nomination in 2005 (15 years ago) for his work as the mentor-like titular character in Kill Bill: Volume 2. Uma Thurman (4 walls) was also nominated in 2004 (16 years ago) for a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her work in 'Kill Bill: Volume 1.' The movie was nominated for 5 BAFTAs at the 2004 (16 years ago) BAFTA awards ceremony.

The movie was very popular at the MTV Movie Awards. At the 2004 (16 years ago) MTV Movie Awards Uma Thurman (4 walls) won Best Female performance for Volume 1, Lucy Liu (20 walls) won Best Villain in Volume 1, and the fight between The Bride and Gogo Yubari won Best Fight. She also thanked Chiaki Kuriyama during her acceptance speech. At the 2005 (15 years ago) MTV Movie Awards, Kill Bill Volume 2 was nominated for best movie, Thurman was nominated for best female performance, and the fight between The Bride and Elle Driver in Kill Bill Volume 2 also won Best Fight. Uma Thurman (4 walls) also received the Saturn Award for Best Actress in 2003 (17 years ago) for her work in Volume 1.


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