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Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives (Movies)

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Desperate Housewives is an American TV comedy-drama series created by Marc Cherry, who also serves as show runner, and produced by ABC Studios and Cherry Productions. Executive producers, as of the fourth season, are Marc Cherry, Bob Daily, George W. Perkins, John Pardee and Joey Murphy, David Grossman, Larry Shaw and Sabrina Wind.

The setting of the show is the street of Wisteria Lane in the fictional American town of Fairview in the Eagle State. It follows the lives of a group of women, seen through the eyes of their dead neighbor. They work through domestic struggles and family life, while facing the secrets, crimes and mysteries hidden behind the doors of their—at the surface—beautiful and seemingly perfect suburban neighborhood.

The show features an ensemble cast, headed by Teri Hatcher (3 pics) as Susan Mayer, Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo, Marcia Cross as Bree Van de Kamp and Eva Longoria (70 pics) Parker as Gabrielle Solis. Brenda Strong narrates the show as the deceased Mary Alice Young, appearing sporadically in flashbacks or dreams. The show is inspired, to an extent, by the 1999 (21 years ago) movie American Beauty.

Since its premiere on ABC on Oct. 3, 2004 (16 years ago), the show has been well received by the critics as well as the audience. The show is a multiple Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award winner, and in Apr. 2007 (13 years ago) it was reported to be the most popular show in its demographic worldwide, with an audience of approximately 120 million.


Eva Longoria (70 pics) Parker was the first reported to have landed a starring role, on Feb. 9, 2004 (16 years ago), followed by Felicity Huffman (February 10), Teri Hatcher (3 pics) (February 18), James Denton and Ricardo Antonio Chavira (February 26), Marcia Cross (March 1), Sheryl Lee, Mark Moses, and Cody Kasch (March 3), Andrea Bowen and Kyle Searles (March 4), and Michael Reilly Burke (March 8). On May 18, 2004 (16 years ago) ABC announced their 2004–2005 lineup, with Desperate Housewives as one of its new shows, starring an ensemble cast of these twelve names.

On Jul. 2, after having shot the first pilot, ABC announced that Lee, Searles and Burke were to be replaced by Brenda Strong, Jesse Metcalfe and Steven Culp, respectively. While Lee was turned down after producers rethought the character of Mary Alice, Searles was replaced because of the lack of chemistry between him and his onscreen lover, Eva Longoria (70 pics). Steven Culp had been the producer's first choice for the part as Rex Van de Kamp, but as he had missed a meeting with the ABC executive to complete shooting for another TV show, Star Trek: Enterprise, the part had been offered to Burke instead. After the original pilot was filmed, Culp was off the Enterprise cast, and when asked again Culp accepted the part, and Burke was let go.

Andrea Bowen is returning to Desperate Housewives as Julie Mayer.

Shawn Pyfrom has quit his regular role as Andrew Van De Kamp and will only make guest appearances in the next season.

Marc Cherry announced that Jesse Metcalfe will reprise his role as John Rowland in only two episodes of season six.

Orson Bean has joined the cast as Mrs. McCluskey's love interest, Roy Bender.

Susan Mayer (2004-present)
Lynette Scavo (2004-present)
Bree Van de Kamp (2004-present)
Gabrielle Solis (2004-present)
Edie Britt (2004-2009)
Betty Applewhite (2005-2006)
Katherine Mayfair (2007-present)
Angie Bolen (2009-present)
Mary Alice Young (Narrator) (2004-present)

Note: Teri Hatcher (3 pics) (Susan Mayer), Felicity Huffman (Lynette Scavo), and Eva Longoria (70 pics) Parker (Gabrielle Solis) are the only three housewives to have appeared in every episode. Marcia Cross (Bree Van De Kamp) is absent in episodes 3.16 to 3.22 because of her pregnancy. Nicollette Sheridan (Edie Britt) has been absent for eight episodes in Season 1, six in Season 2, two episodes in Season 4, four in Season 5, and departed the principal cast at the close of the fifth season. Alfre Woodard (Betty Applewhite) guest-stars in two episodes in season 1, is absent for seven episodes during season 2, and departs the cast at the close of the second season. Dana Delany (Katherine Mayfair) has been absent in one episode in both the fourth and fifth seasons, since joining the cast at the start of the fourth season. Finally, Brenda Strong (Mary Alice Young) typically serves as the show's narrator, only making occasional onscreen appearances. She is absent as the narrator in episodes 3.16, when Steven Culp (Rex Van de Kamp) narrates (although Strong is still heard during the "Previously on Desperate Housewives" montage), and 5.19, when Sheridan is the narrator, and Strong is not heard at all.




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