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Be Kind Rewind


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Be Kind Rewind (Movies)
Be Kind Rewind (Movies)
Be Kind Rewind (Movies)
Be Kind Rewind (Movies)
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Information about Be Kind Rewind

Be Kind Rewind is a 2008 (11 years ago) American comedy movie from New Line Cinema, directed by Michel Gondry and starring Jack Black, Mos Def, Melonie Diaz, Danny Glover and Mia Farrow. The movie first appeared on Jan. 20, 2008 (11 years ago) at the 2008 (11 years ago) Sundance movie Festival. It was later shown at the Berlin International movie Festival. The movie opened on Feb. 22, 2008 (11 years ago) in the United Kingdom and in North America.

The title is inspired by a phrase commonly displayed on VHS rental tapes during the medium's heyday.



In Passaic, New Jersey, the declining "Be Kind Rewind" VHS rental store owned by Mr. Fletcher (Danny Glover) is due to be demolished to make way for high-end development unless he can find the money to renovate his building, despite his claims that jazz pianist Fats Waller was born in that building (Waller was actually born in Harlem on May 21, 1904 (115 years ago)). Mr. Fletcher leaves on a trip for several days to join friends and memorialize Waller, leaving his only employee, Mike (Mos Def), to tend to the store, cautioning him to keep Mike's paranoid and klutzy friend, Jerry (Jack Black), away. After attempting to sabotage a nearby electrical substation, believing its energy to be melting his brain, Jerry becomes magnetized, and when he enters the store the next day, he inadvertently erases all the VHS tapes in the store. Mike quickly discovers the disaster, and is further pressed when Miss Falewicz (Farrow), Mr. Fletcher's friend, wants to rent Ghostbusters. To prevent her from reporting a problem to Mr. Fletcher, Mike comes up with an idea: as Miss Falewicz has never seen the movie, he proposes to recreate the movie using himself and Jerry as the actors and cheap special effects hoping to fool her. They complete the movie just in time when another customer asks for Rush Hour 2. Mike and Jerry repeat their filming, enlisting the help of Alma (Melonie Diaz), a local woman, for some of the parts.

Word of mouth spreads through Miss Falewicz's nephew of the inadvertently hilarious results of Mike and Jerry's filming, and soon the store is seeing more requests for such movies. Mike, Jerry, and Alma quickly pass off the movies as being "sweded", insisting the movies came from Sweden and thus able to demand long wait times and higher costs for the rental. Soon, to meet demand, Mike and Jerry enlist the locals to help out in making the movies, using them as starring roles in their films. When Mr. Fletcher returns, intent on converting the store to a DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) rental outlet, he quickly recognizes that they are making more money from the sweded movies than from normal rentals, and joins in with the process. However, the success is put to a halt when two court bailiffs (Sigourney Weaver and Paul Dinello) arrive, insisting the sweded movies are copyright violations, and seize the tapes and the store's assets, crushing the tapes via a steamroller. Without any money to renovate the building, Mr. Fletcher gives up hope, and is forced to reveal to Mike that he had lied about the building being Fats Waller's birthplace. Mr. Fletcher is given a week to evacuate the building before it will be razed.

Jerry, with the help of the local townspeople, convinces Mr. Fletcher and Mike to give one last hurrah and put together a movie dedicated to Fats Waller's life, and the two quickly warm up to the idea. On the day the building is scheduled for demolition, Mr. Fletcher invites all the locals to watch the final film. In his eagerness to start the show due to the presence of the demolition crew waiting to start the job, Jerry accidentally breaks the only TV the store has, but a nearby DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) store owner loans them his video projector, allowing them to show the movie on a white cloth placed in the store's window. As their movie ends, Mr. Fletcher, Mike and Jerry exit the store to find a crowd has gathered to watch the movie through the window, including the city official and wrecking crew, and they are given a rousing applause by the gathered crowd.


  • Jack Black as Jerry Mclean
  • Mos Def as Mike Coolwell
  • Danny Glover as Mr. Fletcher
  • Mia Farrow as Miss Falewicz
  • Melonie Diaz as Alma Sykes
  • Arjay Smith as Manny
  • Paul Dinello as Mr. Rooney (court bailiff #1)
  • Sigourney Weaver as Ms. Lawson (court bailiff #2)


Filming of Be Kind Rewind took place over several weeks in the fall of 2006 (13 years ago) largely in and around Passaic, New Jersey.


The movie received mostly positive reviews from critics. As of sep. 7, 2009 (10 years ago), the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 65% of critics gave the movie positive reviews, based on 121 reviews. Metacritic reported the movie had an average score of 52 out of 100, based on 35 reviews.


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