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Slottsfjellet, Tønsberg, Norway

Slottsfjellet, Tønsberg, Norway (Known places)

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Artist / Photographer: visionFez
Tags: norway (20 pics), tonsberg (2 pics)

Castle Rock (Slottsfjellet) is Tønsberg town's historical landmarks. From the Middle Ages ended and until our days, the Castle Rock mostly been used as a lookout and as recreational and adventure destination.
From Slottsfjell Tower have a magnificent view over the city, the Oslo fjord and the landscape around Jarlsberg.

Warrior Kings and pilgrims
"The mountain in the middle of town" houses the ruins of a great castle. The castle was destroyed in the early 1500's.
The oldest traces of the buildings we see today are the ruins of St Michael's Church. It is mentioned in the story of a Danish pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1191

Of warlike events is King Sverre Sigurdsson's siege of Baglers for 21 weeks, from September-ber 1201 to February 1202, the most famous.

In King Håkon time (1223-1263) was the major development work here from 1230's. Call The walls were repaired and body. Several stone buildings were erected, including the great hall building Breidastova as King Hakon had build before Håkon's Hall in Bergen.

Magnus Lagabøter, who was born in Castle Rock, built the brick tower, completed the Inquisition in 1276 This tower is the oldest Norwegian brick building that is dated in written sources.

Slottsfjell Tower
was erected in 1888 after an observation tower of wood, which Tons-berg Seaman built in 1856, burned down in 1876. The tower's cross from St. Mary's Church.

A model of Cato Enger model of Castrum Tunsbergis (Tunsberg-house) is cast in bronze and standing outside the tower.
View platform 80 meters above sea level Slottsfjell tower has its own postal stamps with motifs and is open to the public during the summer season when it is also changing art exhibitions there.

Princess Kristina
Covarrubias's village in northern Spain where Princess Kristina of Tunsberg was buried in 1262 There is also an exact replica of the statue is found by the princess in Castle Rock in Tønsberg, created by Brit Sørensen.

Covarrubias has plans to build a chapel in honor of Princess Kristina, as she wanted the marriage to the Spanish king's brother Don Felipe in 1258



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