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Scarborough Castle Church

Scarborough Castle Church (Known places)

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Tags: castle (129 pics), church (31 pics), religious architecture (51 pics)

Scarborough Castle is a former Medieval Royal fortress situated on a rocky promontory overlooking the North Sea and the town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England.


Scarborough Castle is sited on a triangular headland 91 metres (300 ft) above sea level. The location, which shows evidence of prior settlement and fortification on the site, includes the archaeological remains of a Roman signal station, that was built around 370 AD.

The medieval castle was founded by William le Gros, in the 1130 (890 years ago) during the reign of King Stephen. Work included a gate tower, curtain wall, dry moat and chapel. But in 1154 (866 years ago) Henry II seized the castle's ownership upon accession to the throne. Le Gros was required to forfeit Scarborough Castle as a result of its unauthorised construction during The Anarchy. Henry II then had the castle's defences strengthened. The gate tower was replaced with a 30-metre (98 ft) square, three-storey keep and the curtain walls were extended. The work, which took 11 years to complete, finished around 1169 (851 years ago).

The Castle was now a strategic northern stronghold for The Crown. Henry II also granted the town, that had grown up beneath the new fortress, the title of Royal Borough. The castle continued to be maintained by later monarchs. John added the King's Chambers and further strengthened the curtain wall, which now had 11 half-towers. Henry III began the twin-towered barbican to guard the approaches to the main gate. It was finally completed around 1350 (670 years ago) in the reign of Edward III.

In 1312 (708 years ago) Piers Gaveston, the purported lover of Edward II, fled to the castle by ship after Newcastle was attacked by rebel barons. Scarborough was besieged for two weeks until Gaveston surrendered himself.

During the First English Civil War, the castle was held for Charles II. It was besieged twice eventually falling to Parliamentarian forces on 25 Jul. 1645 (375 years ago). When royalists garrisoned Scarborough again, the castle changed hands seven times during the rest of the English Civil War. Following its final capture by Parliament, the castle and keep were slighted to prevent any further use by Royalist forces.

In the 17th and 18th centuries the part of castle was used as a prison.

In 1745 (275 years ago), during the Jacobite Rebellion temporary repairs were carried out on the castle. A barracks, containing twelve apartments, could accommodate 120 soldiers. Three batteries were also built to protect the town and harbour. Two faced south and the other was on the north side of the castle yard.

On 16 dec. 1914 (106 years ago), during the First World War, Scarborough came under naval bombardment by the German warships SMS Derfflinger and SMS Von der Tann. The castle was severely damaged by the hail of 500 shells directed at it and the town.



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