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The Saboteur


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The Saboteur (Games)
The Saboteur (Games)
The Saboteur (Games)
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Information about The Saboteur

The Saboteur is a game set during World War II currently in development by Pandemic Studios set to be released on dec. 8, 2009 (11 years ago). The Official Saboteur Website was given a revamp in April, 2009 (11 years ago) with new information added. More information of The Saboteur was revealed in the May 2009 (11 years ago) issue of UK's PSM3 magazine cover story.



Though not much is known yet, Pandemic has revealed that players will be able to explore Nazi-occupied Paris and some of the countryside. Color will be a key-element in the gameplay, and players will experience an Ōkami-esque style when entering certain parts of the city. In order to make that district colored ("happy") again, players must weaken the German forces occupying the area. In doing so, that district's citizens will regain their hope, characterized by what has been called the "Will to fight" (WtF) factor. In areas with low WtF, the area is dark, with color being various shades of grey (with the notable and sinister exception of several historically-accurate German Flags, bright red and complete with swastika), whereas in areas with high WtF, the area is vibrant and with full color.

The WtF also has been disclosed to affect game play, as in areas with low WtF, the area is filled with a suffocating amount of German soldiers who patrol in most places of the map in large numbers, the citizens are cowardly, and the French Resistance is for the most part inactive.

In areas with high WtF, it has been disclosed that the Germans will not be completely evicted, but they will no longer be everywhere at once, and will primarily be centered around military bases, barracks, police stations, HQs, and other strategically-important areas. In addition, the French people will play an active role in the struggle for areas with high WtF. For example, if Sean, the main character, gets in a fight with German patrols, allies like the French Resistance, Maquis, and even the normal French passerby will intervene against the occupiers.

It has also been disclosed that the primary missions will revolve around exacting revenge on high-ranking German Officers and Officials, and getting to the point to be able to exact vengeance.

However, the presence of Secondary/Optional missions has also been confirmed. Though what they would contain is unknown, it has been divulged that the effects will include access to new weapons and raising the WtF for certain regions.


The Saboteur is an oddity in the realm of World War II games. It follows a single man named Sean Devlin, (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes) who ends up fighting the Germans by sabotage, reminiscent of the French Resistance. A cross with a second, shorter bar above the first horizontal one of a normal cross is found in the trailer and website of the game. This is known as the Cross of Lorraine, which represents the FFF, or "Free French Forces" who fought against the Axis powers under Charles de Gaulle.

The game's protagonist, (based on war hero William Grover-Williams), is an Irish man named Sean Devlin, a regular among the racing groups of Paris. Although the German Army's grip over the area is becoming tighter everyday, he ignores their presence, until one by one his friends are killed by the Nazis, as seen in the early video preview. This finally breaks Sean's tolerance of the German presence, and he takes up arms against them to gain his revenge. In his quest for revenge he is assisted by the French Resistance and the British Intelligence, to exact revenge on his enemies.


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