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Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition


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Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (Games)
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (Games)
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (Games)
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (Games)
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (Games)
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Information about Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition is a racing game, developed by Rockstar San Diego and published by Rockstar Games, and is the third game in the Midnight Club series. Like previous installments in the series, the game is an arcade-style racer and focuses on wild, high-speed racing, rather than realistic physics and driving characteristics. The name derived from a partnership between Rockstar and DUB Magazine, which features heavily in the game in the form of DUB-sponsored races and DUB-customized vehicles as prizes.

Players race through San Diego, Atlanta, and Detroit listening to 103 licensed music tracks that include hip-hop, rock, and more. The game features a number of graphical enhancements over previous installments, such as "speed smear", enhanced lighting effects, and the inclusion of flying debris and particles coming into view after the player crashes into certain objects, or travels across particular stretches of road. There is also the ability to customize a player's vehicle. Other than modifying the external looks, the car's/truck's performance can also be improved, except for those in the 'A' Class of the game. However, Class A motorbikes' performance can be improved.

The game is currently not backward-compatible with the Xbox 360.


There are 3 types of racing in the game. In the Ordered Race, you must race against multiple other racers, and drive through a sprint course marked by checkpoints, represented by Yellow/Orange flares and eventually reach the finishing line (that being a Red flare). Circuits are similar, except the player must complete a certain number of laps on a circuit run. In Unordered races, there are Checkpoints scattered throughout the town, but they can be collected in any order before getting to the finish. This means the player must find the best order to collect the checkpoints. There are also the Autocross races, where the track is stripped of traffic, pedestrians, and police and the open environment is taken away, as the streets are blocked in with barriers. The player must then complete the laps in the quickest time possible, having to beat a set time. The Track events are the same, but you compete against other racers inside the barricaded track instead of against the clock. This can mean racer-crowded, compact streets and your car will probably take more damage than a normal race as you will usually bump into the walls more than in open environment.

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition is also the first game in the series to include car modification - visual & under the hood. By winning races, the player unlocks new cars and options to customize them with. These options include enhancing the performance, adding vinyls and new paint jobs, and physically modifying the car, by changing parts such as wheels, bumpers, spoilers and hoods.

Game modes

The game includes an Online mode, where players can race with other players from all around the world. There are also many clubs available to join, but players can also start and manage their own.

Most offline modes are available for play online, while in online mode you can chat in-game, including a revolutionary cruise mode, capture the flag, circuit racing, ordered racing, unordered racing, tag, paint and autocross. Tracks created via the Race Editor offline can be used Online.


The player starts out in San Diego, by meeting Oscar, the mechanic of Six-One-Nine Customs, the most sophisticated tuning garage in SD, who will guide the player through the game. As you advance by winning races, you will unlock new body parts, paint jobs, customization options, and cars. Thus beginning with a not so expensive middle speed car. There are 7 types of cars: Tuners, Luxury Sedans, SUVs/Trucks, Exotics, Muscle Cars, Sport Bikes, and Choppers. As the game continues, different groups will invite you to race with them - for example, the Big Playas roll in SUVs, the American Royalty Car Club drives in Muscle cars & the By Invitation Only hit the road on state-of-the-art Exotics. If the player beats them they show him different tricks with the rides. Also, as the player progresses, he unlocks the other 2 available cities: Atlanta & the Motor City - Detroit. Once the player beats up to 96% percent of the game, there will be two things left: a racer and a tournament. Once the player beats the game by doing both races, he ends up back at Vince's garage.

After the player defeats all the starting racers early in the game, you end up back at Six-One-Nine (which is your garage to customize vehicles and other things like that) Oscar tells you to meet his friend Phil in town, who is racing you for his chopper. After you win it, Oscar comes again and the American Royalty Car Club challenges you. After you beat them the Luxury Rollers Car Club want to race you, and they all have 16 races and they do not conflict with the plot. After you beat the starting racers, you end up back at Six-One-Nine you are Witnessing Oscar arguing with a guy named Vince, about getting used to cold weather in Detroit. Oscar mentions that he's been "Hearing a lot of crap about you" meaning that the player has a good driving skill. Oscar introduces you to Vince, saying that he will hook you up once you arrive in Detroit, but he says that in Atlanta, there are some big time races and says that you may be interested, so he tells you to go to the shipping company (which you can use to get from city to city) to meet his friend, Apon. (who apparently lost his marriage due to his obsession of his "project", his custom '64 Impala) Once you arrive you are in a rather nice looking garage called "Apone Team Racing" he introduces himself, however he is distracted by his most prized procession and obsession, A green 1964 (57 years ago) Chevrolet Impala that he customized and is work in progress. After that you exit, and a few racers challenge you and a tournament is going on, and the prize is a DUB'D-Out 2004 (17 years ago) Cadillac Escalade EXT. After defeating some racers and the tournament, you end up at Apone Team Racing and APone tells you that a streetbike club called the Original Riders want to race you. After that more individual racers want you, after you beat them, Apone informs you that an SUV club called the Big Plays, yup, want to race you. After defeating all tournaments and racers, Apone is back with news, there are some serious races down in Detroit next week and he thinks it's a good idea for you. You arrive in Detroit seeing a familiar face, Vince. He remembers you and welcomes you. He later points to a Lamborghini Murcielago Chevrolet Impala and says it's the prize to whatever car club turns out the best street racer. Some returning faces from Atlanta come to Detroit, including Roy and Angel, who are plot-affected racers but they are never seen or mentioned. You race them a couple of times, and the car clubs from the other cities are also in Detroit. Early in your Detroit career a tournament is on and a 1949 (72 years ago) Chevrolet Fleetline as Oscar says it is "Just the car to win in Detroit!" After you defeat the racers you score 2 new goodies "The By Inventation Only Exotic Car Club challenges you, which special move "Zone" is unlocked for Exotics and you are rewarded a Chrysler LeMans afterward. And you race all the racers from before only twice, as the U.S. Champion driver is nowon. Once you defeat all 14 contenders twice, you end up back at Vince's and you are rewarded the Lamborghini Murcielago from before. Vince says "It should be driven with respect and not by some San Diego Swinnger who thinks he's something"


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