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Medal of Honor: Airborne


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Medal of Honor: Airborne (Games)
Medal of Honor: Airborne (Games)
Medal of Honor: Airborne (Games)
Medal of Honor: Airborne (Games)
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Information about Medal of Honor: Airborne

Medal of Honor: Airborne is a World War II first-person shooter computer game and the 11th installment of the Medal of Honor series. It was developed by EA Los Angeles and was released worldwide on the PC and Xbox 360 in early sep. 2007 (14 years ago). A PS2 and Wii version was set to be released but was cancelled in 2007 (14 years ago). A PlayStation 3 version was released late Nov. 2007 (14 years ago). The game takes place in the European theater of World War II, and is the first in the series to focus only on paratrooper activities.

In the single-player mode, the player takes on the role of PFC Boyd Travers, a fictional paratrooper in the US 82nd Airborne Division. Missions include various insertions into Italy, northern France, the Netherlands and Germany, each one beginning with a jump behind enemy lines, and success requiring completion of given objectives. Airborne also features a multiplayer mode available for online play, where users have the choice of fighting for the Allies and parachuting down to the battlefield, or fighting for the Axis and starting on the ground, defending the position from enemy paratroopers.

The game uses a heavily-modified Unreal Engine 3. Airborne employs a nonlinear gameplay style whereby the player can start the game anywhere in the map by directing where they land, as opposed to previous linear FPS games where the start point and direction is already laid out, such as Allied Assault.


In Airborne, the player assumes the role of Private First Class (later promoted to Corporal) Boyd Travers, a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division and later the 17th Airborne Division of the United States Army during World War II. Travers's insertion is into major engagements in Italy, northern France, the Netherlands, and Germany.

The game begins with a training mission, where the player learns how to jump from the plane, among other basic controls.

After the tutorial mission, the player is sent to Sicily in 1943 (78 years ago), with a drop into a small walled village called Adanti as part of Operation Husky, the costly Allied invasion of Sicily. It is followed by Operation Avalanche, the invasion of mainland Italy, where Travers is inserted into an operation near the Greek ruins of Paestum. These ruins were used by the Axis as a staging area to counterattack the advancing Allies from the beaches of Salerno. The 82nd Airborne is then airdropped into France during the morning hours of Jun. 6, 1944 (77 years ago) as part of Operation Neptune. During this, Travers is part of the paratrooper force dropped inland the night to take and hold the 82nd Airborne's goal of Sainte-Mère-Église. Before the Normandy beach invasion to clear the infantry's path into Vichy France. The player is able to see the Utah Beach landings of Operation Overlord while in the air. Travers then drops into the Netherlands as part of Operation Market Garden, General Montgomery's failed plan to secure routes through the Netherlands enabling a push into Germany. Largely featured is the partly destroyed city of Nijmegen and the attempt to secure the bridge over the Waal River for the Allies. The game's 2nd to last level takes place during Operation Varsity, which sees Travers parachuting alongside 17,000 soldiers into Germany in the single largest Allied airdrop in history, as the final level depicts a combat jump over a Flak tower,named Der Flakturm in Essen, Germany.


The main gameplay element, which was introduced in Vanguard,and improvised in Airborne, is the paratroop jump. At the start of each mission, the player begins in a C-47 along with fellow soldiers preparing to drop. The team then jumps out of the plane and parachutes down to the ground, marking the beginning of the mission. During the drop the player is able to freely control where in the field of battle they land; pre-determined drop zones are marked with a green flare, where the player will find their allies and supplies, however they can also choose to land elsewhere,within a small to medium sized map, which affects the way the game is played. For example, the player could land near the enemy stronghold and come up against heavy opposing firepower, or land on the rooftops with a sniper rifle and choose a stealthy approach to the mission. This free-roaming experience based on unlimited choice of landing spots offers infinite ways of gameplay, ensuring no two matches are alike. For Playstation 3, the SIXAXIS controller can be used to also determine which way the player leans, being accomplished by tilting the controller forward or backward. Additionally, unlike previous scripted first-person shooters, the missions in Airborne have no specific start or end point. As the player can land anywhere in the map, beginning the mission where they choose, they can complete the given objectives in any order they wish. The rate at which players become ready for battle depends on their skill at hitting the ground; a poor landing results in notification of a "botched landing", with the player having to spare a few seconds to regain composure. The other two landings include "Flared Landing" and a "Greased Landing." In addition to this, players can instantly kill an enemy soldier if they land on top of them. The objectives in the missions usually have the player taking down 20 mm Flakvierlings, high-ranked officers, or placing Composition B charges on many different supplies (i.e. ammo caches, a railway gun, Tanks, pressure valves, and cannon cars) for mass destruction. The player also has to survive many ambush groups and heavy infantry like Panzergrenadiers and Nazi Storm Elite, which are very resilient soldiers in gas masks that carry MG42s. These heavy infantrymen appear in the final two levels of the game.

Airborne uses a health regeneration system similar to one used in Pariah (4 walls) where the health status bar is split into four quarters. If a whole quarter of health is lost, a health pack is needed to replenish it, although if the quarter is not entirely lost it will slowly refill if the player finds cover and rests for a few seconds. The game also has an unlimited sprinting ability where the player can speed up, however they will not be able to shoot while sprinting. Like other more recent FPS games, Airborne makes use of iron sights, where the player can improve their accuracy by looking down the sights of the weapon. The game's crosshair is dynamic where it will grow larger while the player is running, indicating that firing is less accurate while on the move.


Upon reviewing the game after its release, IGN awarded Airborne an overall rating of 7.9/10, saying that "Airborne, while not perfect, is definitely the best game in the franchise to come along in quite a while". GameSpot awarded the game 7.0/10, saying "the single-player campaign doesn't get cooking until the last two levels, but those two levels combined with solid multiplayer make it worth enlisting in Airborne." Press Start Online stated that Airborne was "a Medal of Honor game that's not only good, it demonstrates a level of imagination and innovation that's becoming increasingly rare in the genre". As of Nov. 1, 2007 (14 years ago), Airborne has received a GameRankings average of 78% for the PC version and 75% for the Xbox 360 version.

Many features the community expected of a 2007 (14 years ago) first-person shooter were not included with the game, such as support for dedicated servers, LAN support, content downloading, in-game remote server administration capability (RCON), and support for more than 12 players. Furthermore, the community has provided EA with an extensive list of bugs including instances of clipping, unresponsive controls and HUD design flaws. There has been discontentment with perceived hypocrisy from EA, who stated during the game's development that issues addressed during the Jul. 2007 (14 years ago) multiplayer summit would be included, however this is not the case. Some gamers feel that EA has not learned from the dissatisfaction with the previous Medal of Honor title, Pacific Assault which also experienced issues with game playability.While many gamers are skeptical that EA will continue support for Airborne in the face of community discontent, some even as far as nicknaming the game "Stillborne", the EA developers have maintained that they will fully support the game and continue to provide patches to address the community's concerns. PlayStation the Official Magazine gives it a 3.5/5 and even states "Medal of Honor: Airborne is outrageously beautiful and among the best looking titles on the PS3." Most reviewers also praised the music from the games that Medal of Honor was so famous for, with IGN stating in particular that the title music, which was said to bring back some classic memories from Allied Assault, and the starting music for Operation Market Garden for Campaign.


  1. "Medal of Honor - Airborne (Main Theme)"  
  2. "Operation Husky"  
  3. "Back Alleys"  
  4. "In the Trenches"  
  5. "Restoration Temple"  
  6. "Gunfight in the Ruins"  
  7. "Operation Neptune"  
  8. "Following the Demolition Wires"  
  9. "Room by Room"  
  10. "Unblocking Utah"  
  11. "Operation Varsity"  
  12. "Sniper Showdown"  
  13. "Der Flakturm"  
  14. "Destroying the Fuel Reserves"  
  15. "Dropping into Nijmegen"  
  16. "Wreckage of Nijmegen"  
  17. "Defusing the Charges"  
  18. "Taking out the Spotting Tower"  
  19. "Paestum Landing"  
  20. "Medal of Honor - Airborne (End Credits)"


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