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Gran Turismo 3


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Gran Turismo 3 (Games)
Gran Turismo 3 (Games)
Gran Turismo 3 (Games)
Gran Turismo 3 (Games)
Gran Turismo 3 (Games)
Gran Turismo 3 (Games)
Gran Turismo 3 (Games)
Gran Turismo 3 (Games)
Gran Turismo 3 (Games)
Gran Turismo 3 (Games)
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Information about Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec is a racing game, the first in the Gran Turismo series to be released for the PlayStation 2. Gran Turismo 2000 (21 years ago) was the working name used when demonstrated at E3 2000/2001. The game was a critical and commerical success, going on to become one of the best-selling console games of all time.


The Gran Turismo Mode (Simulation Mode in the American version) has a reorganized layout, with a more structured and progressive arrangement of races and challenges. Races vary from short beginner events to multi-hour endurance races and also rallying events against an opponent. In addition, the car shops are now organized by country and then by manufacturer, which some find to be more intuitive than the East/West City method used in its predecessor. On the downside, far fewer vehicles are available in GT3 (just over 150 in total) than GT2 (around 650). This is attributed largely to the work needed for the more detailed graphics, providing detailed statistics for all the cars and the game's release being early in the PlayStation 2's lifespan.

Another new feature is the ability to win unlicensed versions of actual Formula One cars (labeled as Polyphony 001 and 002 in the PAL version and F686/M, F687/S, F688/S, F090/S, F094/H and F094/S in the Japanese and American versions) from endurance races. In the NTSC versions, the name of each car denotes various pieces of information (such as the amount of cylinders it contains, the year it was raced, and its driver, respectively). As expected, they perform significantly better than the other vehicles featured in the game. The only liability is that they wear out the tires in a matter of laps. Players cannot buy harder tire compounds to fit on them. The other thing is that if you change your oil, power drops due to mileage every so miles. A good thing to do is change the oil after your car suffers due to mileage.

The basic aim of the game (like GT1 and GT2), is to win all the provided races, championships, complete license tests and achieve 100% game completion. Every 25% of the game completed results in the player being awarded a car as a special prize.

Among the changes were the omission of the ability to "race modify" or add down force to production cars, removal of suspension damage and also re-absent of torque limits to races.

The developers collaborated with computer and game peripheral maker Logitech for the game, which resulted in the GT Force steering wheel, which featured force feedback and was highly fitted to the game.


Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec is considered a commercial success for Sony in Japan, Europe, and North America. The game is highly praised by game reviewers and players as one of the best Racing Games ever made. IGN gave GT3 a 9.8/10 and Gamespot gave it a 9.4/10. GT3 Also received a Platinum Award from Electronic Gaming Monthly. Gran Turismo 3 has a 94% on Gamerankings as of sep. 6, 2008 (13 years ago). It frequently appears on 'Top 100 Lists'. (like IGN's Top 100).

As of Apr. 30 2008 (13 years ago), the game has shipped 1.89 million copies in Japan, 7.14 million in North America, 5.85 million in Europe, and 10,000 in Southeast Asia for a total of 14.89 million copies. It is a part of the PlayStation 2's Greatest Hits. It ranks tenth in the list of best-selling unbundled console games of all time, just below Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.


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