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Formula One 06


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Formula One 06 (Games)
Formula One 06 (Games)
Formula One 06 (Games)
Formula One 06 (Games)
Formula One 06 (Games)
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Information about Formula One 06

Formula One 06 is a racing simulator developed by Studio Liverpool. It is the fifteenth game of the Official Formula One games series. The game was released in Europe on Jul. 28, 2006 (14 years ago) for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. The game continues the tradition of a career mode, an option in place since the 2004 (16 years ago) game.

In Career mode, the player begins their career with either Super Aguri, Toro Rosso or Midland F1. Their position within the team, either a test driver; second driver or first driver, depends on how well the player performs during the trial sessions,and thereafter. The test sessions are either held at the Circuit de Catalunya; Silverstone or Magny-Cours and also can be played out in either dry or wet conditions.

The trial sessions vary from completing only one "Flying Lap" to ten laps to beat the Target Time. Also, this target time can be an "Accumulative Target Time" where the player has four or three laps in which to consistently post fast times. The fastest laps are then added together and then compared to the Accumulative Target Time.

The player's career lasts a total of five Grand Prix seasons, in which they try to become a World Champion. This will most likely happen with the most competitive teams, eg. Renault, Ferrari (95 walls), McLaren or Honda.

In addition, certain prizes can be unlocked once a certain criteria has been fulfilled, e.g. winning a grand prix, and unlocking an award such as the test track, Jerez. A trophy cabinet section is also featured so players can view the trophies they have won in different Grand Prix, or in the world championship. The F1 car that a player won the championship with is also displayed.

The game also features the new knockout qualifying system, introduced at the start of the season, with three qualifying sessions. Other new additions include the formation lap and a much more competitive AI from previous F1 games in the series which has given the game many great player reviews.

Netplay was removed just before the release of the game, which disappointed many racing fans. It 'was' promised that for the first time the ability to race cross-platform would be possible, allowing PSP players to take on PS2 players. however this did not happen. Studio Liverpool cited time restraints as a reason for this. Also, due to time restraints, F1 07 was cancelled due to the release of F1 CE (PS3).


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