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Crash 'n Burn


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Crash 'n Burn (Games)
Crash 'n Burn (Games)
Crash 'n Burn (Games)
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Information about Crash 'n Burn

Crash 'n Burn is a futuristic racing/shooter videogame for the Panasonic 3DO. It was developed by Crystal Dynamics (before their acquisition by Eidos Interactive) and released in 1993 (26 years ago).

The game was set in the year 2044 AD. Players assume the role of any one of six cyberpunks, each equipped with a unique car and a deadly supply of weapons. Full-motion videos of the racers are accessible in between races, in which each character would flaunt their skills and insult their opponents with death threats. The game had fairly simplistic rally and tournament modes designed for one player.

Due to its moderate success, a secondary "not for resale" version of the title was bundled with the 3DO system in 1994 (25 years ago).

Crystal Dynamics was purchased by Eidos in the late 1990 (29 years ago). Another racing title called "Crash N' Burn" was released in 2005 (14 years ago) for the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation 2, although this release bears no similarities to the 3DO title of the same name.


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