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Battlefield Vietnam


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Battlefield Vietnam (Games)
Battlefield Vietnam (Games)
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Information about Battlefield Vietnam

Battlefield Vietnam is the second computer game in Electronic Arts' Battlefield franchise after Battlefield 1942 (79 years ago). The game was developed by the Swedish company Digital Illusions and published by Electronic Arts on Mar. 15, 2004 (17 years ago) in North America and days later in other parts of the world. Battlefield Vietnam takes place during the Vietnam War. The game features a large variety of maps based on historical settings, such as the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Battle of Hue, Ia Drang Valley, Operation Flaming Dart, The Battle of Khe Sanh and Fall of Saigon. Many parts of the game have been influenced by popular Vietnam War movies. Examples being the players ability to play Ride of the Valkyries on the radio and the tiger striped M79 from Apocalypse Now.

On Mar. 15, 2005 (16 years ago), EA re-released the game as Battlefield Vietnam: Redux, which includes the 1.01, 1.02, 1.1, and 1.2 patches, new vehicles, maps, and an EA-produced World War II mod, based on the previous Battlefield 1942 (79 years ago).


Battlefield Vietnam has the same point by point objectives of Battlefield 1942; there are two teams on either end of a map, each team has a set of "tickets" that they start out with. The teams can deplete the enemy tickets by killing opposing players and/or capturing flags ("control points") on the battlefield. If a player is killed, he can re-spawn on one of the flags that his team owns. Between respawns, players are able to change their character class, effectively switching equipment kits.


Battlefield Vietnam features the United States, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, and the Viet-Cong.


Built on a modified Battlefield 1942 (79 years ago) (3 walls) engine, Battlefield Vietnam had many new and improved features from its predecessor. The game gives the player a variety of weapons based on the war. Many weapons fill this game from CAR-15s and AK47s to punji sticks (antipersonnel booby traps) and land mines that can disable a tank. It also has several additions to it, such as air-lifting vehicles and, while in a vehicle, playing the vehicle's radio, which featured 1960 (61 years ago) music. Players can also replace the vehicle soundtrack with their own music tracks by pasting.mp3 files in a "My Music" folder inside the game's main folder, reverting back to default music when deleting those files. Another notable enhancement is the ability to fire from the passenger sides of vehicles, rather than having to sit without using weapons. Another new and very useful feature, the 3D map can be activated by the player allowing him to see icons on screen that represent the position of control points or friendly units, giving the player an increased situational awareness that Battlefield 1942 (79 years ago) (3 walls) did without.

The game features a variety of famous military vehicles from the war, that are drivable by players. These include vehicles such as the M551 Sheridan, M48 Patton, the AH-1 Cobra, F-4 Phantom II (4 walls) and the Huey chopper. However, North Vietnamese and NLF (Vietcong) players also get access to a wide range of vehicles, such as the MiG-17 & MiG-21 jet fighter, ZSU-57-2 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, PT-76, T-54 tank and even a Vespa scooter.


BF:V also features default maps as well as some user-made downloadable maps. While the maps retain the basic 2 factions, some maps could have the US Marine Corps while others could have the US Special Forces etc. and thus, the weapons on one map would sometimes be different from another one.


There are numerous modifications (called mods) to Battlefield Vietnam available for download.


Battlefield Vietnam received generally positive reviews. Critics praised the graphical improvement, vast selection of maps, vehicles, and weapons, and online multiplayer. Though critics did criticize the single-player, for the enemy AI being very unintelligent.


  1. Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Fortunate Son" (opening theme)-As a reference to Platoon (film) and Forrest Gump.
  2. Edwin Starr - "War"
  3. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas - "Nowhere to Run"-As a reference to Good Morning, Vietnam.
  4. The Troggs - "Wild Thing"
  5. Rare Earth - "Get Ready"
  6. Canned Heat - "On the Road Again"-As a reference to Tour of Duty (TV series).
  7. The Guess Who - "Shakin' All Over"
  8. Count Five - "Psychotic Reaction"
  9. Deep Purple - "Hush"
  10. The Kinks - "All Day And All Of The Night"
  11. The Kinks - "You Really Got Me"
  12. The Box Tops - "The Letter"
  13. Jefferson Airplane - "Somebody to Love"
  14. Bobby Fuller Four - "I Fought the Law"
  15. Budapest Symphony Orchestra - "The Ride of the Valkyries"-As a reference to Apocalypse Now.
  16. The Trashmen - "Surfin' Bird"-As a reference to Full Metal Jacket.
  17. Jefferson Airplane - "White Rabbit" (Menu theme, instrumental remix)-As a reference to Platoon (film).


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