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Alone In The Dark


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Alone In The Dark (Games)
Alone In The Dark (Games)
Alone In The Dark (Games)
Alone In The Dark (Games)
Alone In The Dark (Games)
Alone In The Dark (Games)
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Information about Alone In The Dark

Alone In The Dark, originally known as Alone in the Dark: Near Death Investigation and informally known as Alone In The Dark 5 to avoid naming confusion, is the fifth installment of the survival horror video game series under the same name created by Atari.

The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Wii, and Xbox 360 in Europe, North America, and Australia in Jun. 2008 (12 years ago). The PlayStation 3 version, titled Alone in the Dark: Inferno, was released on Nov. 18, 2008 (12 years ago) and includes several enhancements from the other versions. The Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are developed by Eden Games while the PS2 and Wii versions were simultaneously developed by Hydravision Entertainment. The PS2 and Wii version of Alone In The Dark is a completely different game from the PS3/Xbox 360 version. Though both have a vaguely similar plot, it has largely different levels, removing all the freeroaming from the other versions.


The gameplay in Alone In The Dark differs greatly from other games in the series. It is set out through DVD-style 'episodes', where the player can choose to start the game from the beginning, or choose to skip to a section if they get stuck. If they choose to do so, the past events are recollected in a "Previously on Alone In The Dark..." cutscene at the start of the episode.

Alone In The Dark has an interchangeable first and third person camera, and puzzle solving style gameplay. The player can switch to first-person view if they choose to. The environment plays a big part of core gameplay, as the player can pick up any object (such as pipes, wood, etc.) and use it as a melee weapon. It can also be used to smash in doors, and knock objects over. Fire is generated in real-time, as objects can be set alight by holding it over the fire, and it can be extinguished. If the fire isn't extinguished fast enough, the flames will continue to regenerate. The player can pick up objects, and combine to make different styles of weapons, however only some objects can be combined with others. Any object which is shot at or thrown will be destroyed instantly.

If the player takes damage, open wounds appear on Edward's outfit. Players must use a medical spray, or if the wounds are too deep, use bandages to heal themselves. Similar to Dark Sector, if Edward takes too much damage, the screen will flash red, and a heartbeat sound will be heard indicating that he is bleeding out.


The game begins with Edward, the protagonist, being taken to the roof of the building he is in to be killed. The guard is killed by an unseen force, allowing Edward to escape. He remembers that he has amnesia. As he wanders the building looking for a way out, he witnesses several people being killed or possessed by "demonic" forces. During his search for an exit, he meets Sarah Flores, an art dealer (city planner in the Wii version). Together, they make their way to the parking garage, where they find Theophile Paddington, an old man who claims to know what’s going on. He says that the chaos in the building was caused by a stone that, until recently, was held by Edward. It had been taken from Edward by a man named Crowley, who released its power. Theophile has the stone now, and finally states that in order to end the chaos, Edward must follow the “Path of Light,” before it is too late.

The three of them take a car from the garage and head out into the city, finding it in the same kind of chaos as the building they just left. They crash the car in Central Park. There, Theophile claims that he lacks the strength to continue. He hands the stone over to Edward and asks him and Sarah to meet him at the museum, then kills himself.

On the way to the museum, Edward finds out that his last name is Carnby. He tells his name to a doctor that he meets who tends to his wounds. As the doctor checks Edward’s medical history, he informs Edward that the only Edward Carnby in his records disappeared in 1938 (82 years ago).

At the museum, the ghost of Theophile explains more about the stone. It contained Lucifer after he was cast out of heaven, until Crowley released him. Lucifer now wants to use the stone to bring about the end of the world. Theophile tells Edward that there is a secret in Central Park that will allow Edward to stop Lucifer. As Edward makes his way back to Central Park, Sarah remains at the museum, e-mailing excerpts from Theophile’s diary that she believes will help Edward. Once at Central Park, Edward meets Hermes, who holds a stone similar to the one that Edward has.

Edward and Hermes return to the museum to find Crowley holding Sarah at gunpoint, demanding Edward’s stone. Edward shoots Crowley in the head, then Hermes opens a cavern in the museum that leads to Lucifer’s gateway to reality. Hermes combines his stone with Edward’s then tells Edward that Lucifer will soon be reincarnated. As Lucifer begins to take Edward’s body, Sarah grabs the stone to prevent Edward from being possessed. At this point, the player is presented a choice to shoot Sarah to prevent her from being possessed, or do nothing. If the player chooses to shoot Sarah, Edward becomes possessed by Lucifer. Otherwise, Edward and Sarah say goodbye as Sarah is taken over.


A tech demo was released on Feb. 16, 2008 (12 years ago) showing the inventory system and how items and environmental objects can be manipulated, as well as how items may be used together. For example, double-sided adhesive tape can be used to attach a glow stick to a wall, creating a source of light. Another example is the player using a knife to puncture a blood pack, then throwing the blood pack creating a blood trail to lure enemies from one spot to another. A second tech demo was released on Feb. 26, 2008 (12 years ago) showing the realistic use of fire with various objects in the game. It also shows how objects are affected when shot. The player is seen shooting a table and subsequently one of the tables legs break off, and shatters. The player then picks this up, and lights it in a fire for a spontaneous torch. A third tech demo was released on Apr. 18, 2008 (12 years ago) displaying the attributes and game play mechanics of fire in the game. A fourth tech demo was released on Jun. 3, 2008 (12 years ago) highlighting the enemies and their characteristics including what they look like and how to kill them. Your inventory is limited to what you can fit in your jacket. Everything in your environment can be used as a weapon and ally against the 'opposition'.


Reception for Alone In The Dark ranged from good to poor. The Xbox 360 version of game has received mixed reviews, from scores of 3/10 to 8/10 : IGN UK awarded the game 7/10 while IGN US rated it 3.5/10. Gamepro awarded the game a 2.5/5, despite giving it the game of the month award. Reviews for the Wii version of the game are sparse. Metacritic currently has a rating of 55/100 based on 18 reviews. IGN US rated the Wii version 3.1/10, and the PS2 version 3.0/10, also rated the game 3/10.

Gamespot commented "If you can endure some vexing technical flaws, Alone In The Dark can be a clever, satisfying adventure.." Gametrailers said "The game needed more gestation to really iron out the interface issues, but it remains an adventure worth pursuing...".

The PS3 version, Alone in the Dark: Inferno, has received far more favorable reviews due to the improved movement and driving controls, including the extra scenes.


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