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Clyde Caldwell


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Clyde Caldwell (Fantasy)
Clyde Caldwell (Fantasy)
Clyde Caldwell (Fantasy)
Clyde Caldwell (Fantasy)
Clyde Caldwell (Fantasy)
Clyde Caldwell (Fantasy)
Clyde Caldwell (Fantasy)
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Information about Clyde Caldwell

Clyde Caldwell (born Feb. 20, 1948 (73 years ago) in Gastonia, North Carolina) is an American artist. Self described as a Fantasy Illustrator, he best known for his portrayal of strong, sexy female characters.

Early life

Caldwell was interested in becoming an artist from an early age, “I became an artist sort of by default ... I couldn’t do anything else! I was into music for awhile. I played the guitar for a local band. I also enjoyed writing both stories and songs. But drawing and painting were the easiest for me.” Caldwell took up an interest in painting fantasy and science-fiction art while in junior high school. “My biggest influences back then were the covers of the Edgar Rice Burroughs books. I wanted to paint pictures (wallpaper) like those covers. My parents had always encouraged me in my artwork, but they didn’t understand why I was painting science fiction. They wanted me to paint landscapes and still lifes.” Caldwell earned a fine arts degree at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, then graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Masters of Fine Arts degree. “I thought I might become a teacher, so I figured the masters degree was a good idea. When I started doing some fanzine work, that idea was shot.”


Caldwell worked as an illustrator for the Charlotte Observer newspaper as well as doing commercial work for an ad agency, before doing freelance illustrations for magazines such as a series of Barsoom covers for Heavy Metal. He also did cover work for Dragon, published by TSR, publishers of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. “I was offered a job three different times by TSR, Inc., when I was freelancing. Finally, the third time, I decided to come up to Wisconsin to meet the people I was working with long distance, whom I might eventually be working with face-to-face if I accepted the position. I really liked the company and the people, so I agreed that day to work for them.” Some of Caldwell's early work included the covers for the three paintings for the 1985 (36 years ago) Greyhawk Adventures novels, and 1985's Dragonlance Calendar, three paintings for the 1986 (35 years ago) Amazing Stories Calendar, plus the cover and three interior paintings for the 1987 (34 years ago) Dragonlance Legends Calendar, as well as several Dragonlance module covers.

Caldwell gained fame producing work for TSR from 1982 (39 years ago) to 1992 (29 years ago), illustrating many Dungeons & Dragons products at a time when the game was around the peak of its popularity. Since 1992 (29 years ago) he has again worked as a freelance artist.


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