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Lost In The Storm by Richard Ansdell

Lost In The Storm by Richard Ansdell (Drawing & Painting)

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Richard Ansdell

Richard Ansdell (11 May 1815 (204 years ago), Liverpool, Lancashire - 20 Apr. 1885 (134 years ago), Frimley, Surrey) was an English painter who specialised in oil paintings of animal and sporting subjects.

He first exhibited at the Liverpool Academy in 1835 (184 years ago), reaching its presidency in 1845 (174 years ago), and resigning in 1852 (167 years ago) in protest over an award of the £50 prize to William Holman Hunt for the then controversial Valentine Rescuing Sylvia from Proteus.

In 1841 (178 years ago), he married Maria Romer.

He first achieved a reputation around Liverpool for commissions featuring landowners and their animals, and from the 1840 (179 years ago) travelled in Northern England and Scotland painting hunting and agricultural scenes.

He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1840 (179 years ago), and was elected ARA in 1861 (158 years ago) and RA in 1870 (149 years ago). His best known works include Stag at Bay (1846, 173 years ago), The Combat (1847, 172 years ago), and Battle of the Standard (1848, 171 years ago).

His subject matter was compared to that of Edwin Landseer, though critical opinion was that, though popular, his works lacked the latter's emotional impact. His reputation was as a hardworking but occasionally over-proud artist; for instance, he received no royal commissions after refusing to paint Queen Victoria's dogs unless they were brought to his studio.

During part of his career he lived at Lytham St Annes, in the borough of Fylde, where a district, Ansdell, is named after him. He is the only English artist to have been honoured in this way.

Many of Richard Ansdell's works are owned by Fylde Borough Council, and from sep. 2007 (12 years ago) a collection of these paintings will be on display in a permanent art gallery at a new Booths supermarket in Lytham.



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