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Lime (Development)

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Tags: fruit (18 pics)

Lime is a term referring to a number of different fruits (generally citruses), both species and hybrids, which have their origin in the Himalayan region of India, and which are typically round, green to yellow in color, 3–6 cm in diameter, generally containing sour and acidic pulp. They are frequently associated with the lemon. Limes are often used to accent the flavors of foods and beverages. They are usually smaller than lemons, and a good source of vitamin C. Limes are grown all year round and are usually sweeter than lemons.

Limes are a small citrus fruit, Citrus aurantifolia, whose skin and flesh are green in color and which have an oval or round shape with a diameter between one to two inches. Limes can either be sour or sweet, with the latter not readily available in the United States. Sour limes possess a greater sugar and citric acid content than lemons and feature an acidic and tart taste, while sweet limes lack citric acid content and are sweet in flavor.


In cooking, Lime is valued both for the acidity of its juice and the floral aroma of its zest. It is a very common ingredient in authentic Mexican, Southwestern United States and Thai dishes. It is also used for its pickling properties in ceviche. Additionally, the leaves of Lime are used in southeast Asian cuisine. The use of dried limes (called black Lime or loomi) as a flavouring is typical of Persian cuisine and Iraqi cuisine, as well as in Gulf-style baharat (a spice mixture that is also called kabsa or kebsa). Limes are also an essential element in Tamil cuisine.

Lime leaves are also a herb in South, East, and particularly Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, people have boiled chicken with Lime leaves and a mixture of salt, black pepper and Lime juice.

Other uses

In order to prevent scurvy during the 19th century, British sailors were issued a daily allowance of citrus such as Lime (presumably Citrus aurantifolia), which led in time to the nickname "limey" for all Britons. It was later discovered that this beneficial effect derived from the quantities of Vitamin C the fruit contains.

Lime extracts and essential oils are frequently used in perfumes, cleaning products, and aromatherapy. Lime is also used occasionally to enhance vision by many Asian martial artists. It is done by squeezing a drop or two on the inside corner of the eye. An initial stinging sensation is felt but subsides; this should not be done on a daily/routine basis.

Lime juice can be used to make your hair become lighter with sun exposure; however, it can also make your skin darker with sunlight.




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