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Lamborghini Reventon


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Lamborghini Reventon (Cars)
Author: InnoVa
Lamborghini Reventon (Cars)
Lamborghini Reventon (Cars)
Author: InnoVa
Lamborghini Reventon (Cars)
Lamborghini Reventon (Cars)
Lamborghini Reventon (Cars)
Lamborghini Reventon (Cars)
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Information about Lamborghini Reventon

The Lamborghini Reventón is a mid-engined sports car that debuted at the 2007 (14 years ago) Frankfurt Auto Show. It ranks as the most powerful and expensive Lamborghini road car to date, costing one million euros. The official press release stated that only 20 vehicles would be released to the public, with one additional car (marked as 0/20) produced for the Lamborghini Museum. Although early rumours indicated the total number would actually be 100, each Reventón is clearly stamped with its number in the sequence of 20 between the drivers and passengers seats.

Although the exterior is all new, almost all the mechanical elements (including the engine) are taken directly from the Murciélago LP640. According to the official press release, the exterior styling was inspired by the "the fastest airplanes". To emphasize this, Lamborghini staged a race between a Reventón and a Panavia Tornado fighter plane.


Initial reports suggest that the 6.5 L (400 cu in) V12 received a power boost of approximately 20 hp (15 kW), but the output is officially stated to be 640 hp (480 kW). According to the official release, the Reventón accelerates to 100 km/h (62 mph) in the same time as the Murciélago LP640 (3.4 seconds), and is capable of reaching a maximum speed of over 340 km/h (210 mph). Using the internal speedometer, the recorded top speed was displayed as 356 km/h (221 mph).

The instrument panel in the Reventón comprises three TFT liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with two different display modes. The instruments are housed in a structure milled from a solid aluminium block, protected by a carbon fiber casing. The G-Force-Meter is completely new and it is one of the talking points of the Reventón. It displays the dynamic drive forces, longitudinal acceleration during acceleration and braking, as well as transversal acceleration around bends. These forces are represented by the movement of an indicator on a graduated 3D grid depending on the direction and intensity of the acceleration. Formula One teams also use a similar device to analyze dynamic forces. The seats of the Reventón are black leather and brown Alcantara.

By simply pressing a button, the driver can switch to the second, quasi-analog display, where there are the usual circular instruments; speedometer and tachometer. The G-Force-Meter still remains at the center of this display mode.

Rear view of the Lamborghini Reventón.The Reventón features an all new carbon fiber exterior. All Reventón's have the same exterior color, described as "mid opaque grey without the usual shine".

Lamborghini has also picked up some of parent company Audi's design language. Its is the first Lamborghini to incorporate daylight running lights into the headlamps. Seven Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) at each headlamp flank the Bi-Xenon main beam and they stay lit whenever the car is in movement. Due to the high temperatures in the rear lower part of the car, special heatproof LEDs are used for the indicator and hazard lights, stoplights and rear lights with a triple arrow optical effect.

Reventón Roadster

This article contains information about a scheduled or anticipated future automobile.
It may contain preliminary or speculative information, and may not reflect the final version of the vehicle.

Cars UK reported the production of 9 Lamborghini Reventón Roadsters, with MSRP of €1,200,000. The car would use the engine from Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce. Autocar has since published a report in Jul. 2009 (12 years ago) saying that potential buyers have been shown the car - although a Lamborghini spokesman told the publication that reports of the car were "just speculation".


The Reventón is named after a fighting bull in keeping with Lamborghini tradition. The bull, owned by the Don Rodríguez family, was best known for killing famed bullfighter Félix Guzmán in 1943 (78 years ago). Reventón means "explosion" or "burst" in Spanish, when used as a noun. In the vernacular, it is also used to define a very large party or a night on the town. It's commonly said "vámonos de reventón", which means "let's go party tonight." In automotive terms, it means "blowout, flat tire" when used as a noun. When it was used as the name of a bull, however, it was intended to be interpreted as an adjective, a quality or property of that bull in particular. In this last sense, Reventón means "he who seems to be about to burst".

Production status

The first car went to Lamborghini of Las Vegas in Nevada.

Car #3 was sold in an eBay auction and was delivered to a Californian buyer.

On 2008-11-20, Lamborghini announced the last Lamborghini Reventón was delivered to a British customer of the official Midlands dealer, Lamborghini Birmingham. However, CarsUK's later report disputed the official claim, and revealed that the car #20 was delivered to Lamborghini Houston, as were two other Reventon's. All Three Reventon's from the Lamborghini Houston Dealership, have now been sold.


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