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Honda S2000


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Honda S2000 (Cars)
Honda S2000 (Cars)
Honda S2000 (Cars)
Honda S2000 (Cars)
Honda S2000 (Cars)
Honda S2000 (Cars)
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Information about Honda S2000

The Honda S2000 is a roadster manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company. It was launched in Apr. 1999 (21 years ago) and was created to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary.

The car was first shown as a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995 (25 years ago), following which it was launched in world markets in 1999 (21 years ago). The S2000 is named for its engine displacement of 2 L, carrying on in the tradition of the S500, S600, and S800 roadsters of the 1960 (60 years ago). Several revisions were made throughout the car's lifetime, including changes to the engine, gearbox, suspension and interior and exterior. Officially two model designations exist: the initial launch model was called the AP1, while the AP2 designation was given to the models produced from 2004 (16 years ago) onwards which contained substantial changes to the drivetrain and suspension. Production of the S2000 ceased in Jun. 2009 (11 years ago).

Honda SSM

Introduced at the 1995 (25 years ago) Tokyo Motor Show, the Honda Sport Study Model concept car was the design study for the production S2000. The SSM was a rear wheel drive roadster powered by a 2.0 L (122 cu in) inline 4 cylinder engine. It featured a rigid X-bone frame which Honda claimed improved the vehicle's rigidity and collision safety. All of the body panels were aluminium and the car had a 50:50 weight distribution.

The SSM would appear unchanged in many automotive shows for several years afterwards, hinting at the possibility of a production version. Honda later announced the production version of the SSM. Carrying on the tradition of the company's 1960 (60 years ago) S500, S600, and S800 roadsters, the new vehicle was named the S2000.

Reviews and awards

The S2000 has received much praise from critics and motoring journalists and has received favourable reviews from such publications as Car and Driver, Car, the Los Angeles Times, and Road & Track magazine. Among the features highlighted are the high output of the engine, the high redline, the balanced handling, and the smooth gearbox. User surveys have named the S2000 as a favorite for overall customer satisfaction.

The S2000 was on Car and Driver's Ten Best list for 2000 (20 years ago), 2001 (19 years ago), 2002 (18 years ago) and 2004 (16 years ago).
The S2000 was the highest-ranked model in the J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study "Premium Sports Car" class for 2004 (16 years ago), 2006 (14 years ago), and 2008 (12 years ago) and has consistently held one of the top three positions.
The F20C engine won the International Engine of the Year award in the "1.8 to 2 litre" size category for five years from 2000 (20 years ago) through 2004 (16 years ago).
The F20C was featured on Ward's 10 Best Engines list for 2000 (20 years ago) and 2001 (19 years ago).
The S2000 ranked number #1 in the BBC Top Gear Survey in 2004 (16 years ago), 2005 (15 years ago), and 2006 (14 years ago).
Consumers' Most Wanted Convertible Under $35,000 for 2007 (13 years ago),
Ten Most Gorgeous Japanese Cars Currently For Sale, Jalopnik
Best Affordable Sports Car for 2008 (12 years ago), U.S. News & World Report

Sales and production

In the United States, the largest market for the S2000 worldwide, the MSRP of the base 2009 (11 years ago) Honda S2000 is US$34,995. The CR trim's base price is $36,995 with a $1,000 option to add air-conditioning and stereo.

In the United Kingdom, the 2009 (11 years ago) model is offered in two trims, Roadster and GT. The GT trim features a removable hard-top and an outside temperature gauge. On-the-road prices of these trims are £27,300 and £27,850, respectively.

After several years of steady production, sales of the roadster began falling dramatically starting in 2006 (14 years ago), and the trend accelerated during the 2008 (12 years ago) U.S. recession. Honda sold 7,320 units in the U.S for 2004 (16 years ago), the first year of the AP2. In 2008 (12 years ago), only 2,538 units were sold in the U.S. - a 74% decline from the 2002 (18 years ago) sales peak. In Nov. of that year, for the first time since its launch, fewer than 100 new S2000's were sold nationwide during a calendar month.


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