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Moscow Russia

Moscow Russia (Buildings & City)

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Tags: russia (7 pics), moscow (4 pics)

Moscow - capital of Russia, federal city, the administrative center of the Central Federal District and the Moscow region (which is not included).

Populous city in Russia and Europe (the population on July 1, 2009 - 10.527 million people), the center of Moscow city agglomeration. Also among the ten largest cities in the world.

Moscow refers to the global cities, exerting a great influence on the world. This is facilitated by a high economic potential of the city, its population.

Moscow - a key transport hub, as well as political, economic, cultural and scientific center of the country. City service 6 airports. In Moscow, 9 railway stations, 3 river ports (there is a river transport with the seas of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans). Since 1935, the capital works underground.


The Moscow and its suburbs with sputnika. Moskva located in the center of European Russia, between the rivers Oka and Volga, at the junction of the Smolensk-Moscow Upland (west), Moskvoretsko-Oka valley (east) and Mescherskaya lowlands (south-east). City area for 2006 is 1081 km ² , which makes it the smallest in size of RF subjects. The main part (877 km ²) is located inside the ring highway (Moscow Ring Road), the remaining 204 km ² - for the ring road.

Average height above sea level is 156 m. The highest point is at Teplostanskoy hill and is 255 m. Extent of Moscow (excluding intermingled plots) from north to south within the ring road - 38 km outside the ring road - 51,7 km, from west to east - 39,7 km.

The city is situated on both banks of the Moskva River in its middle reaches. In addition to this river in the city runs dozens of other rivers, the largest of which - a tributary of Moscow, in particular gangway, Khimki, fresh, Neglinnaya Yauza and the beggar (left) and Setun, Kotlovka and Gorodnya (right) [11 ]. Many small rivers (Neglinnaya, fresh, etc.) within the city occur in the reservoirs.



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