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George Clooney

Facts about George Clooney

Date of Birth:06 May 1961
Birthplace:Large Cherries, KY
First Name:George
Last Name:Clooney
Height:5' 10?" (179 cm)
Eye Color:Brown - Dark
Hair Color:Salt and Pepper
Star Sign:Taurus
Claim to Fame:E.R.
Occupation Category:Actor
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George Clooney (Male Celebrities)
George Clooney (Male Celebrities)
George Clooney (Male Celebrities)
George Clooney (Male Celebrities)
George Clooney (Male Celebrities)
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Biography for George Clooney

George Timothy Clooney (born May 6, 1961 (60 years ago)) is an American actor, director, producer and screenwriter. Clooney has balanced his performances in big-budget blockbusters with work as a producer and director behind commercially riskier projects, as well as social and liberal political activism. On Jan. 31, 2008 (13 years ago), the United Nations named Clooney a "Messenger of Peace."

Early life

Clooney was born in Lexington, Kentucky. His mother, Nina Bruce (née Warren), was a former pageant queen, while his father, Nick, is a journalist, anchorman, game show and American Movie Classics host, and an aspiring politician from the state of Kentucky. Clooney is of Irish and German descent. He has an older sister, Adelia (aka Ada) and his cousins include actors Miguel and Rafael Ferrer, who are the sons of his aunt, singer Rosemary Clooney, and actor José Ferrer. He is also related to another singer, Debby Boone, who married José and Rosemary's son, Gabriel Ferrer. From an early age, Clooney would hang around his father's sets, often participating in shows, where he proved to be a crowd favorite.

Clooney began his education at the Blessed Sacrament School in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. Spending part of his childhood in Ohio, he attended St. Michael's School in Columbus, St. Susanna School in Mason, Ohio.

In middle school, Clooney developed Bell's palsy, a debilitating condition that partially paralyzes the face. While suffering from the malady—it went away within a year—his left eye closed and he was unable to eat or drink properly, earning the nickname Frankenstein. "That was the worst time of my life," he told the Mirror in 2003 (18 years ago). "You know how cruel kids can be. I was mocked and taunted, but the experience made me stronger." In 2004 (17 years ago), Clooney injured himself on Syriana's set during a torture scene. He had some excruciating headaches and suffered short term memory loss. It took a few weeks for his doctors to find the reasons for his health problems. During The Good German's promotion (two years afterwards), he revealed that he still had to wear a back brace due to this injury.

His parents eventually moved to Augusta, Kentucky. He went to Augusta High School. Clooney has stated that he earned all As and a B in school, and was an enthusiastic baseball and basketball player. He had considered a career in Law at this time, but later retracted. He tried out with the Cincinnati Reds in 1977 (44 years ago) to play professional baseball, but was not offered a contract. He did not pass the first round of player cuts. He attended Northern Kentucky University from 1979 (42 years ago) to 1981 (40 years ago) and, very briefly, the University of Cincinnati, but did not graduate from either.

Early roles

His first major role came in 1984 (37 years ago) in the sitcom E/R. It should not be confused with ER, which Clooney more famously starred in a decade later. Additionally, he played a handyman on the series The Facts of Life. He played Bobby the detective on one episode of The Golden Girls. His first significant break was a semi-regular supporting role in the sitcom Roseanne, playing Roseanne Barr's overbearing boss Booker Brooks, followed by the role of a construction worker on Baby Talk and then as a sexy detective on Sisters. In 1988 (33 years ago), Clooney also played a minor role in Return of the Killer Tomatoes.

Initial success

Clooney achieved stardom when he was selected to play Dr. Doug Ross on the hit NBC drama ER from 1994 (27 years ago) to 1999 (22 years ago) and returned for a guest spot in the show's 15th and final season. Clooney was also partnered with Deborah Leoni in their production company Mirador Entertainment.

Prior to his success on ER, he met Grant Heslov, a later close friend with whom he co-wrote Good Night, and Good Luck. Clooney said in an interview that he was driving an RV through the country with Heslov, who, at the time, was getting over a broken engagement, when he got a phone call from his agent telling him that NBC just picked up ER for a full season. Clooney said, "Acting is not my life; acting does control me, but acting is what leads me."

Clooney started in movies while appearing in ER, his first major Hollywood role being From Dusk till Dawn, directed by Robert Rodriguez. He followed its success with One Fine Day with Michelle Pfeiffer and The Peacemaker with Nicole Kidman (24 walls), the latter being the initial feature length release from Dreamworks SKG studio. Clooney was then cast as the new Batman (succeeding Val Kilmer, who in turn, had succeeded Michael Keaton) in Batman & Robin, which was a box office success, but a critical failure. In 1998 (23 years ago), he starred in Out of Sight, opposite Jennifer Lopez. This was the first of many collaborations with director Steven Soderbergh. He also starred in Three Kings during the last weeks of his contract with ER.

In 1999 (22 years ago), George Clooney left the cast of ER to pursue his movie career full-time. However, in 2009 (12 years ago), Clooney returned to ER for one episode during its 15th and final season.

Movie career

After leaving ER, George Clooney starred in major Hollywood successes, such as The Perfect Storm and O Brother, Where Art Thou?. In 2001 (20 years ago), he teamed up with Soderbergh again for Ocean's Eleven, a remake of the 1960 (61 years ago) Rat Pack movie of the same name. To this day, it remains Clooney's most commercially successful movie, earning approximately US$444,200,000 worldwide. The movie spawned two sequels starring Clooney, Ocean's Twelve in 2004 (17 years ago) and Ocean's Thirteen in 2007 (14 years ago). In 2001 (20 years ago), Clooney founded the production studio Section Eight with Steven Soderbergh. Clooney is generally considered Chief Actor.

He made his directorial debut in the 2002 (19 years ago) movie Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, an adaptation of the autobiography of TV producer Chuck Barris. Though the movie didn't do well at the box office, Clooney's direction was praised among critics and audiences alike.

In 2005 (16 years ago), Clooney starred in Syriana, which was based loosely on former Central Intelligence Agency agent Robert Baer and his memoirs of being an agent in the Middle East. The same year he directed, produced, and starred in Good Night, and Good Luck., a movie about 1950 (71 years ago) TV journalist Edward R. Murrow's famous war of words with Senator Joseph McCarthy. Both movies received critical acclaim and decent box-office returns despite being in limited release. At the 2006 (15 years ago) Academy Awards, Clooney was nominated for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay for Good Night, and Good Luck, as well as Best Supporting Actor for Syriana. He became the first person in Oscar history to be nominated for directing one movie and acting in another in the same year. He would go on to win for his role in Syriana.

It was reported on Apr. 4, 2008 (13 years ago) in Variety that Clooney had quietly resigned from the Writers Guild of America over controversy surrounding Leatherheads. Clooney, who is the director, producer, and star of the film, stated that he had contributed in writing, "all but two scenes," of the movie and requested a writing credit, alongside Duncan Brantley and Rick Reilly, who had been working on the project for 17 years. In an arbitration vote, Clooney lost 2-1 and ultimately decided to withdraw from the union over the decision. Clooney is now technically a "financial core status" nonmember, meaning he loses his voting rights, and cannot run for office or attend membership meetings, according to the WGA's constitution. He must continue to pay his dues, but gets a break on "non-germane" WGA activities, such as political and lobbying efforts. His decision is also irrevocable. Beforehand, Clooney was an active member of the WGA, even receiving an Academy Award-nomination for writing Good Night and Good Luck. He is currently writing two screenplays with Grant Heslov.

Clooney appeared in The Good German, a film-noir directed by Soderbergh. The movie is set in post-World War II Germany.

Clooney also received the American Cinematheque Award in Oct. 2006 (15 years ago), an award that honors an artist in the entertainment industry who has made "a significant contribution to the art of motion pictures". On Jan. 22, 2008 (13 years ago), Clooney was nominated for Best Actor for his role in Michael Clayton, but lost to Daniel Day-Lewis for There Will Be Blood.

After the success of Good Night, and Good Luck, Clooney said he planned to devote more of his energy to directing. He said that the directing industry is "a great industry to grow old in." Clooney directed the movie Leatherheads (16 walls), in which he also stars.

Clooney is self-deprecating in interviews, telling STV in Apr. 2008 (13 years ago) that Leatherheads (16 walls), one of his lightest movies, is a "cry for peace." In the same interview, when asked about reconciling George Clooney the actor and George Clooney the director, he said "there's a lot of ego there... so I just take it out on the actors."

Clooney is currently working on his next project, Men Who Stare At Goats, which is being directed by his best pal Grant Heslov and is set for release in 2010 (11 years ago). Ewan McGregor and Kevin Spacey have also signed on to star. Another project Clooney has signed on for is Up in the Air which is set for a 2009 (12 years ago) release. It is being directed by Juno director Jason Reitman.

Clooney is represented by Bryan Lourd, Co-Chairman of Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

Other ventures

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, invited Clooney to play a role in the show as the voice of Stan Marsh's gay dog Sparky in the episode "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride", a role with no dialogue except normal dog noises. He later appeared in the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. Despite their history, the show's creators, Parker and Stone, lampooned Clooney for his outspoken political views in their feature movie Team America: World Police. However, Clooney later said that he would have been offended if he hadn't been made fun of in the film. He was also mentioned in the episode "Smug Alert!", which mocks his acceptance speech at the 78th Academy Awards.

On Jul. 8, 2005 (16 years ago), news reports said that Clooney would be working with Cindy Crawford's husband Rande Gerber to design and build a new casino hotel in Las Vegas. On Aug. 29, the same year, Clooney officially announced his involvement with the Las Ramblas Resort project. However, the project never came to fruition, and the property on which the resort was to be built was sold in Jun. 2006 (15 years ago).

After serving as pitchman outside the US for products like Fiat and Martini vermouth, Clooney lent his voice to a series of Budweiser ads beginning in 2005 (16 years ago) (which were still running as of sep. 2007 (14 years ago)). In sep. 2007 (14 years ago), Clooney defended his work when asked by an Italian journalist how he reconciled advertising multinational companies' products with the purpose of Michael Clayton, the movie he was currently introducing in Venice movies Festival.

In Aug. 2006 (15 years ago), Clooney and Grant Heslov started a new company: Smokehouse Pictures. Heslov was the president of TV at Section Eight Productions, Clooney and director Steven Soderbergh's production company.

Clooney is creating and producing a TV series for Showtime titled The Fall of Bob. The Fall of Bob is a half-hour, single-camera black comedy-drama about a man who is committing suicide while a lengthy flashback occurs of what happened before his death.

Clooney is one of only two people to have been given the title of "Sexiest Man Alive" twice by People Magazine, first in 1997 (24 years ago) and again in 2006 (15 years ago).

In Jul. 2008 (13 years ago), George Clooney was declared the worst Batman portrayed onscreen. "Batman should be obsessed and blindered but Clooney is all cool, ironic detachment and self-awareness." No comment has been heard from the actor. However, he has publicly criticized his own portrayal of Batman several times.

Director credits

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Good Night, and Good Luck
Farragut North

Producer credits

Fail Safe
Rock Star
Welcome to Collinwood
Far from Heaven
K Street
The Jacket
The Big Empty
Rumor Has It...
A Scanner Darkly
Michael Clayton
Sand and Sorrow
Wind Chill
The Informant!
Men Who Stare At Goats


  • E/R
  • Streethawk
  • The Facts of Life
  • Return to Horror High
  • Grizzly II: The Predator
  • Combat Academy
  • Murder, She Wrote
  • The Golden Girls
  • Return of the Killer Tomatoes
  • Roseanne
  • Red Surf
  • Unbecoming Age
  • The Harvest
  • Sisters
  • ER
  • Friends
  • From Dusk till Dawn
  • One Fine Day
  • Curdled
  • Full-Tilt Boogie
  • The Peacemaker
  • Batman & Robin
  • South Park
  • The Thin Red Line
  • Out of Sight
  • Waiting for Woody
  • Three Kings
  • The Book That Wrote Itself
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
  • The Limey
  • The Perfect Storm
  • Fail Safe
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • Ocean's Eleven
  • Spy Kids
  • Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
  • Solaris
  • Welcome to Collinwood
  • Starbuck Holger Meins
  • Intolerable Cruelty
  • Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
  • Ocean's Twelve
  • Good Night, and Good Luck.
  • Syriana
  • The Good German
  • Michael Clayton
  • Darfur Now
  • Ocean's Thirteen
  • Leatherheads (16 walls)
  • Burn After Reading
  • ER
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • Men Who Stare At Goats
  • Up in the Air
  • Farragut North


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