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Sloggi (Female Celebrities)
Sloggi (Female Celebrities)
Sloggi (Female Celebrities)
Sloggi (Female Celebrities)
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Biography for Sloggi

In 1979 (42 years ago), Sloggi products were introduced to the market by the well-known underwear manufacturer, Triumph International. Common cotton-slips were replaced by a new generation of briefs thanks to a newly developed fabric (invented by the company) called “core spun”. Cotton yarn is wrapped around every single LYCRA® thread. The resulting fabric is highly elastic and keeps its shape constantly.

Soon Sloggi was recognised as an underwear brand whose products fit perfectly even after washing and wearing them many times. The products are also seen as easy to care for due to the special materials combination. People also say Sloggi briefs give the comfort of cotton next to their skin. The British claim that Sloggi briefs “fit like a glove” whereas the French call their sloggis “les indéformables” – which tells its own sloggi-tale.


1979:market launch of “sloggi” – as a mono brand under Triumph International
1979-1986: brand building of the “basic” bottom series (Maxi, Midi, Mini, Tanga) – sloggi’s worldwide bestseller to date
1982: rollout of Sloggi undershirts
1986: the first Sloggi bras enrich the collection, range-extension with “sloggi men”
1993: Öko Tex Standard 100
1999: Sloggi becomes a mono brand – still in association with Triumph International
2004: the beach fashion/swim wear range is introduced to the market
Hot Hips “the original laser cut technology”, no visible panty line
2008: launch of Sloggi underwired- and push-up bras, medically tested
2009: “The original laser cut technology” first time on cotton (world novelty “Light Cotton”)

Highlights (Innovations / Marketing)

The successful range-extensions were accompanied by many material-innovations – that followed the 1979 (42 years ago) “core spun fabric” development: 2009 (12 years ago): “Invisible Sense” series – invisible seams but sensible support due to elastic bands
2009: “Light Cotton” series – the first original laser-cut technology to manufacture seamless, cotton briefs.

Also because of its outstanding and extraordinary marketing activities Sloggi became a very favoured and well-known brand. Some examples:
- the worldwide internet contest “show me your sloggi” that elects the most beautiful bum of the world
- the “string time” campaign (some Sloggi girls in strings) caused more than one traffic jam
- the Sloggi hot air balloon – highly eye-catching
- the Sloggi testimonial Paolo Nespoli (astronaut) – tested Sloggi men in space on his STS-120 mission

Today Sloggi is seen as a state-of-the-art brand, offering best wearing comfort in a sporty, fashionable, ever-lasting style. Sloggi is the biggest branded brief seller in the world. In 30 years over 1.5 billion briefs have been sold at about 30.000 outlets in over 100 countries.


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