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Pamela Anderson

Facts about Pamela Anderson

Date of Birth:01 July 1967
Birthplace:Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada
First Name:Pamela
Middle Name:Denise
Last Name:Anderson
Maiden Name:Anderson
Height:5' 7" (170 cm)
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Dyed Blonde
Star Sign:Cancer
Claim to Fame:Baywatch, VIP, Stacked
Occupation Category:Actress
Alternative Names:Pam, Pammy, Pamela Anderson Lee, Miss February 1990, Pamela Lee
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Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Author: Nyleen
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
Pamela Anderson (Female Celebrities)
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Biography for Pamela Anderson

Pamela Denise Anderson, also known as Pamela Lee Anderson (born Jul. 1, 1967 (53 years ago)) is a Canadian/American actress, sex symbol, glamour model, producer, author, activist, and former show girl.

Anderson is best known for her roles on the TV series Home Improvement, Baywatch, and V.I.P. She was chosen as a Playmate of the Month for Playboy magazine in Feb. 1990 (30 years ago). For a time, she was known as Pamela Anderson Lee (or Pamela Lee) after marrying Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. She holds both American and Canadian citizenship.

Early years

Anderson was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, the daughter of Carol (nee Grosco), a waitress, and Barry Anderson, a furnace repairman. Her great-grandfather, Juho Hyytiäinen, was Finnish, a native of Saarijärvi, and left Finland in 1908 (112 years ago) changing his name to Anderson when he arrived as an immigrant. Pamela Anderson has Russian ancestry on her mother's side.

The newborn Anderson won fame as Canada's "Centennial Baby", because she was thought to have been the first baby born on Canada's Centennial Day (she was born at 4:08 in the morning). However, the Campbell River Upper Islander of Jul. 5, 1967 (53 years ago) reported a baby born two hours earlier on the same Canada Day.


After graduating from Highland Secondary School in 1985 (35 years ago), Anderson moved to Vancouver and worked as a fitness instructor. During the summer of 1989 (31 years ago), Anderson went with her friends to a BC Lions game at BC Place; during the game she was shown on the stadium screen wearing a Labatt's t-shirt, causing the crowd to cheer for the 21-year-old Anderson. She was taken down to the field to receive an ovation from the crowd. Labatt's immediately offered Anderson a modeling contract and she accepted. In late 1989 (31 years ago), Anderson decided to model for Playboy magazine. She first appeared as their Oct. 1989 (31 years ago) cover girl. At this stage in her modeling career, she had decided to live in Los Angeles to further pursue her career ambitions. She became a centerfold for Playboy when the magazine chose her to be their Playmate of the Month for their Feb. 1990 (30 years ago) issue. Anderson has since appeared in Playboy several times in the 1990 (30 years ago) and the following decade.

Acting and modeling
After her move to Los Angeles, Anderson bleached her brunette hair blonde and enlarged her breasts to 32.5 cm in diameter. In 1991 (29 years ago), she won a minor role as the original "Tool Time girl" on the hit TV sitcom, Home Improvement. She left the show after two seasons and won the role of C. J. Parker on Baywatch. Anderson was still modeling for Outdoor Life and appearing on the cover of the magazine each year. Her role as C.J. Parker gave her more popularity and gained her attention from international viewers. She returned to Baywatch for the 2003 (17 years ago) reunion movie, Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. She also appeared on The Nanny as Fran's rival, Heather Biblow.

In 1996 (24 years ago), she acted in the movie Barb Wire playing Barbara Rose Kopetski, which was thought by some to be Anderson's real name. The movie, a thinly-veiled futuristic remake of Casablanca, was not a commercial success. Anderson had a miscarriage during the filming. In Apr. 1997 (23 years ago), she guest-hosted Saturday Night Live. At the beginning of the show, Anderson said, "You know, if you're nervous on stage, you actually should be naked!" She then stripped. Her breasts, however, were covered by a small flesh-colored bra and she also wore a crotch patch that was also flesh colored (though they were still blurred out for the sake of the joke). The performance was used as material by late-night comedians in following weeks. She also appeared on one of two covers for the sep. issue of Playboy; the other cover pictured Jenny McCarthy.

In sep. 1998 (22 years ago), Anderson starred as Vallery Irons in the Sony pictures (wallpaper) Entertainment hit syndicated show V.I.P. created by J. F. Lawton. Blending action and humor in a fast-paced adventure series, with Anderson often poking fun at her tabloid image, the show explored the exciting and sometimes treacherous lives of the rich and famous. The series lasted through a very successful five year run.

In 2000 (20 years ago), she appeared as giantess in the music video for "Miserable" by California alternative rock band Lit.

In 2004 (16 years ago), Anderson returned to the spotlight. In May, she appeared naked on the cover of Playboy magazine. It was the first time she had appeared naked on any magazine cover. Later, she posed naked for Stuff and GQ magazines.

Anderson became a naturalized citizen of the United States on May 12, 2004 (16 years ago), while retaining her Canadian citizenship. She has lived in Southern California since 1989 (31 years ago). Anderson has often spoken revealingly about her private life. On a visit to the David Letterman show in 2004 (16 years ago), she said she had not been dating for some time, and when Letterman asked her how she was coping, she responded, "There's not a square corner left anywhere in my house!" Letterman left that comment unanswered while the audience hooted.

In 2004 (16 years ago), she released the book Star, co-written by Eric Shaw Quinn, about a teenager trying to become famous. After this, she began touring the United States, signing autographs for fans at Wal-Mart stores nationwide. Her second book, the sequel Star Struck, released in 2005 (15 years ago), is a thinly veiled look at her life with Tommy Lee and the trials of celebrity life.

In Apr. 2005 (15 years ago), Anderson starred in a new FOX sitcom Stacked as Skyler Dayton, a party girl (with implants), who goes to work at a bookstore. It was canceled on May 18, 2006 (14 years ago), after two seasons, although some episodes had not been aired. On Aug. 14, 2005 (15 years ago), Comedy Central created the Roast of Pamela Anderson to honor the sex symbol for the past decade. During her final speech at the Roast, Anderson referred to her breasts as "Pancho and Lefty".

In dec. 2005 (15 years ago), NBC cut off a video of Anderson pole dancing topless on Elton John's "The Red Piano." NBC said that the footage was inappropriate for primetime. The video was shown on huge screens during the event, while John played The Bitch is Back.

In Mar. 2006 (14 years ago), it was announced that Anderson would receive a star on Canada's Walk of Fame thanks to her many years as a model and actress. She is only the second model to receive a star. In Apr. 2006 (14 years ago), Anderson hosted Canada's Juno Awards, becoming the first non-singer and model to do so.

Artistic rendering of AndersonAnderson was repeatedly referenced in the 2006 (14 years ago) comedy movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan as the title character seeks to kidnap and marry her. Anderson appears in person at the end of the movie confronted by Borat in a staged botched abduction.

She performed on Feb. 13-14 2008 (12 years ago) in a Valentine's Day striptease act at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris.

On Jul. 9, 2008 (12 years ago), Anderson entered the Australian Big Brother house for a three day visit. Her appearance on this show also marked Anderson's foray into reality TV with a series of her own, Pam: Girl on the Loose, which debuted on Aug. 3, 2008 (12 years ago) on E! in the United States.

Personal life

In addition to her fame from modeling and acting, Anderson has received a great deal of press attention for her well-publicized personal life. Her relationships have made headlines in gossip magazines for years. Anderson married Tommy Lee, drummer of Mötley Crüe, on Feb. 19, 1995 (25 years ago) after knowing him for only 96 hours and the couple eventually had two sons, Brandon Thomas Lee (b. Jun. 6, 1996 (24 years ago)) and Dylan Jagger Lee (b. dec. 29, 1997 (23 years ago)) named after Pamela's great grandfather Dale Jagger Grosco who fought in World World II. During this time, she was known professionally as Pamela Anderson Lee. Anderson filed for divorce from Lee twice and reconciled with him twice, before the couple finally broke up for good. In Mar. 2002 (18 years ago), Anderson publicly stated that she had contracted the Hepatitis C virus from Lee (supposedly from sharing tattoo needles), and began writing a regular column for Jane magazine. In Oct. 2003 (17 years ago), Anderson jokingly said on Howard Stern's radio show that she does not expect to live more than ten or fifteen years, but this was misconstrued and taken seriously by many websites and tabloids. She however admitted to newspapers that she still often had sex with him since their divorce.

A home sex video of Anderson and Tommy Lee on their honeymoon was stolen from their home, and made a huge stir on the Internet. Anderson sued the video distribution company Internet Entertainment Group. Ultimately, the courts awarded Anderson and Lee $1.5 million plus attorney fees for their share of the profits. After this, the company sold copies of the stolen honeymoon tape across the country. It was very popular.

A second tape, which was made before the Tommy Lee tape, involving Anderson and musician Bret Michaels from Poison was later announced, and an abridged version of less than 60 seconds appeared on the internet. Frames of the video first appeared in Penthouse magazine in Mar. 1998 (22 years ago). The tape was successfully blocked by Michaels but a 4-minute sex tape is still available on the internet.

Anderson and Kid Rock in 2003Since her divorce, she was engaged to the model Marcus Schenkenberg and to the singer Kid Rock (Robert J. Ritchie). She broke up with Schenkenberg in 2001 (19 years ago) and with Kid Rock in 2003 (17 years ago). It was announced on Jul. 18, 2006 (14 years ago) that she would marry Kid Rock on Jul. 29, 2006 (14 years ago) on a yacht near St Tropez, France. "Feels like I've been stuck in a time warp," said Anderson in her blog entry. "Not able to let go of MY family picture... it's been sad and lonely and frustrating... I've raised my kids alone in hope of a miracle. Well my miracle came and went. And came back and back because he knew that I'd wake up one day and realize that I was waiting for nothing." "I'm moving on," she declared. "I feel like I'm finally free... I'm in love." There was extensive unconfirmed media speculation that the marriage was pregnancy-related, but the theory was based only on Anderson's representative's refusal to comment on the question.

She sold her home in Malibu, California to move to a more private location. In an interview with Gavriel Maynard, Anderson stated "I don't know why people consider me stupid, I'm actually really smart."

On Nov. 10, 2006 (14 years ago), it was announced that Anderson miscarried while in Vancouver shooting a new film, Blonde and Blonder. Seventeen days later, on Nov. 27, 2006 (14 years ago), Anderson filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court from Kid Rock, citing irreconcilable differences. Some news reports have suggested that Kid Rock's outrage during a screening of Borat, in which she plays a cameo role, led to the filing for divorce two weeks later.

Anderson told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in sep. 2007 (13 years ago) that she was engaged. On sep. 29, Anderson and Paris Hilton's ex Rick Salomon applied for a marriage license in Las Vegas. Anderson married Salomon between her two nightly appearances at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino in Hans Klok's magic show in a small wedding ceremony at The Mirage on Oct. 6, 2007 (13 years ago). However, on Feb. 22, 2008 (12 years ago), Anderson has requested through the courts that the marriage be annulled citing fraud.


  • The Taking of Beverly Hills
  • Snapdragon
  • Raw Justice
  • Naked Souls
  • Showgirls
  • Barb Wire
  • The Making of Bret Michaels
  • Scooby-Doo
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  • No Rules
  • Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
  • Superhero Movie
  • Blonde and Blonder
  • Hollywood & Wine

TV-shows (series)

  • The Flintstones: Little Big League voice of Pebbles (1978, 42 years ago)
  • Married... with Children episode "Al with Kelly" as Yvette (1990, 30 years ago)
  • Married... with Children episode Route 666: Part 2 (1991, 29 years ago)
  • Home Improvement (cast member from 1991-1993)
  • Baywatch (cast member from 1992-1997)
  • Days of our Lives (cast member in 1992 (28 years ago))
  • The Nanny (Heather Biblow)
  • Come Die with Me: A Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Mystery (1994, 26 years ago)
  • V.I.P. (1998-2002)
  • Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (2003, 17 years ago)
  • Less Than Perfect Vicki Devorski (2003, Season 2)
  • Stripperella (2003-2004) (voice)
  • Stacked (2005-2006)
  • Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson (2005, 15 years ago)
  • 8 Simple Rules (2005, 15 years ago)
  • MADtv (2005, 15 years ago)
  • Pam: Girl on the Loose (2008, 12 years ago)
  • The Sunday Night Project - Guest Host (2008, 12 years ago)
  • Big Brother Australia - House guest for 3 days (2008, 12 years ago)
  • Malibu


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