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Mena Suvari

Facts about Mena Suvari

Date of Birth:13 February 1979
Birthplace:Newport, Rhode Island
First Name:Mena
Last Name:Suvari
Height:5' 4" (163 cm)
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Star Sign:Aquarius
Claim to Fame:American Beauty, American Pie
Occupation Category:Actress
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Mena Suvari (Female Celebrities)
Author: Striker
Mena Suvari (Female Celebrities)
Mena Suvari (Female Celebrities)
Mena Suvari (Female Celebrities)
Mena Suvari (Female Celebrities)
Mena Suvari (Female Celebrities)
Mena Suvari (Female Celebrities)
Mena Suvari (Female Celebrities)
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Biography for Mena Suvari

Mena Adrienne Suvari (born Feb. 13, 1979 (42 years ago)) is an American actress, model, fashion designer and spokeswoman, best known for her role as Angela in American Beauty (1999, 22 years ago), as well as the comedies American Pie (1999, 22 years ago) and its sequel American Pie 2 (2001, 20 years ago).

Early years

Suvari was born in Newport, Rhode Island, the daughter of Candice, a Greek American nurse, and Ando Süvari, an Estonian-American psychiatrist. She has three older brothers, one of them in the United States Army. She began modeling as a preteen and soon after starred in a Rice-A-Roni commercial.

The family later relocated to Charleston, South Carolina, where her three older brothers attended The Citadel. Meanwhile, Mena was entertaining dreams of becoming an archaeologist, astronaut or doctor, when a modeling agency stopped by her all-girls school, Ashley Hall, to offer classes. By the time she started acting, she had been modeling for the New York-based Wilhelmina agency for five years.


Suvari made appearances in TV shows such as Boy Meets World and ER at the age of fifteen and sixteen respectively. In 1999 (22 years ago), she starred in the Oscar-winning American Beauty and the popular American Pie. Suvari was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, for her role in American Beauty.

She followed these movies with roles in Loser (2000, 21 years ago), The Musketeer (2001, 20 years ago), and Spun (2002, 19 years ago). Suvari also became a recurring character in the fourth season of the critically acclaimed HBO serial Six Feet Under in 2004 (17 years ago), as lesbian performance poet and artist, Edie. Suvari was nominated for a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for "Favorite Actress - Newcomer (Internet Only)" in 2000 (21 years ago) for American Pie.

In 2006 (15 years ago), Suvari performed the voice role of Aerith Gainsborough in the Square Enix/Disney video game Kingdom Hearts II and the English-language version of Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

She has lead roles in the remake of the zombie movie Day of the Dead as well as Stuart Gordon's controversial movie Stuck.


Suvari is a model for Lancôme cosmetics and print ads for Lancôme Paris Adaptîve. She has been featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue.

Suvari has collaborated with Echo Design to launch a limited-edition three scarf collection. The project features her own nature-inspired photography, digitally screened on silk and silk chiffon as wearable art. The collection depicts trees in three stages of foliage from fall to winter; a portion of the proceeds from sales will go to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

In Jun. 2007 (14 years ago), Suvari shaved her head for her lead role in the forthcoming movie adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's The Garden of Eden; photos appeared on the Internet rapidly.


  • Kiss the Girls (1997, 24 years ago) - Coty Pierce
  • Snide and Prejudice (1997, 24 years ago) - Geli Raubal
  • Nowhere (1997, 24 years ago) - Zoe
  • Slums of Beverly Hills (1998, 23 years ago) - Rachel Hoffman
  • Atomic Train (1999, 22 years ago) - Grace Seger
  • American Pie (1999, 22 years ago) - Heather
  • The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999, 22 years ago) - Lisa Parker
  • American Beauty (1999, 22 years ago) - Angela Hayes
  • Loser (2000, 21 years ago) - Dora Diamond
  • American Virgin (2000, 21 years ago) - Katrina Bartalotti
  • The Musketeer (2001, 20 years ago) - Francesca Bonacieux
  • American Pie 2 (2001, 20 years ago) - Heather
  • Sugar & Spice (2001, 20 years ago) - Kansas Hill
  • Sonny (2002, 19 years ago) - Carol
  • Spun (2002, 19 years ago) - Cookie
  • Trauma (2004, 17 years ago) - Charlotte
  • Standing Still (2004, 17 years ago) - Lana
  • Edmond (2005, 16 years ago) - Prostitute
  • Rumor Has It (2005, 16 years ago) - Annie
  • Domino (2005, 16 years ago) - Kimmie
  • Beauty Shop (2005, 16 years ago) - Joanne Marcus
  • Factory Girl (2006, 15 years ago) - Richie Berlin
  • Orpheus (2006, 15 years ago) - Sue Ellen
  • Caffeine (2006, 15 years ago) - Vanessa
  • The Dog Problem (2006, 15 years ago)
  • Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (6 walls) (2006, 15 years ago) - Aerith Gainsborough (voice)
  • Brooklyn Rules (2007, 14 years ago) - Ellen
  • Stuck (2007, 14 years ago) - Brandi
  • Day of the Dead (2008, 13 years ago) - Sarah Cross
  • The Mysteries of Pittsburgh (2008, 13 years ago) - Phlox Lombardi
  • The Garden of Eden (2008, 13 years ago) - Catherine Bourne

TV-shows (series)

  • Death of a Cheerleader (1994, 27 years ago) - High School Student
  • Boy Meets World (1995, 26 years ago) - Laura
  • High Incident (1996-1997) - Jill Marsh
  • ER (1996, 25 years ago) - Laura-Lee Armitage
  • Minor Adjustments (1996, 25 years ago) - Emily
  • Boy Meets World (1996, 25 years ago) - Hilary
  • 413 Hope St. (1997, 24 years ago) - Crystal
  • Chicago Hope (1997, 24 years ago) - Ivy Moore
  • Atomic Train (1999, 22 years ago) - Grace Seger
  • Just Shoot Me! as herself in Finch in the Dogg House (2001, 20 years ago)
  • Saturday Night Live (2001, 20 years ago) - Host
  • Six Feet Under (2004, 17 years ago) - Edie
  • Law & Order: SVU (2004, 17 years ago) (Season 5, Episode 17: Mean)
  • Sex & Lies in Sin City (tv) (2008, 13 years ago)- Sandy Murphy


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