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Izabel Goulart

Facts about Izabel Goulart

Date of Birth:23 October 1984
First Name:Izabel
Last Name:Goulart
Height:5' 9?" (177 cm)
Eye Color:Brown - Dark
Hair Color:Brown - Dark
Star Sign:Scorpio
Occupation Category:Model
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Izabel Goulart (Female Celebrities)
Izabel Goulart (Female Celebrities)
Izabel Goulart (Female Celebrities)
Izabel Goulart (Female Celebrities)
Izabel Goulart (Female Celebrities)
Izabel Goulart (Female Celebrities)
Izabel Goulart (Female Celebrities)
Izabel Goulart (Female Celebrities)
Izabel Goulart (Female Celebrities)
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Biography for Izabel Goulart

Maria Izabel Goulart Dourado (born Oct. 23, 1984 (36 years ago)), better known as Izabel Goulart, is a Brazilian model. She is best known as one of the Victoria's Secret (26 walls) Angels from 2005 (15 years ago) to 2008 (12 years ago) and for her recent work with Armani Exchange.

Early life and career

Goulart was born on Oct. 23, 1984 (36 years ago) in São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil. She is of Italian descent and has four brothers and one sister. Goulart once said "the hardest part about being an Angel is I spend time away from my mom's food and away from my home with my five brothers and sister." School was a particularly rough time for Goulart, as she was made fun of for her skinny build, and was even called names such as "giraffe".

While shopping for groceries with her mother at age 14, a hairstylist suggested that she should become a model. She moved to the state's capital São Paulo and started modeling.

Modeling career

During Goulart's first ever fashion show appearance, she experienced a wardrobe malfunction when her top fell open. The unfortunate incident made many Brazilian newspapers and remains her most embarrassing moment. She was able to put her rocky start behind her and returned to the runway to model collections for A-list designers such as Bill Blass, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Jill Sander, Chanel, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney, among many others.

She first appeared in the Victoria's Secret (26 walls) Fashion Show in 2005 (15 years ago), the year she was contracted as an Angel. Although she is not an Angel any longer, she remains working for the company. She has shot for top photographers such as Terry Richardson, David Sims, Greg Kadel, and Vincent Peters for such publications as French and Japanese Vogue, French magazine, and Numero. She was replaced by Rianne ten Haken as the face of Armani Exchange. In Mar. 2009 (11 years ago), Goulart became the star of the new Victoria’s Secret campaign. Goulart can also be seen in the fall 2009 (11 years ago) H&M campaign.

Personal life

Goulart was reportedly engaged to businessman Marcelo Costa on Aug. 2006 (14 years ago). However, on the Feb. 7, 2008 (12 years ago) Conan O'Brien show, she mentioned that she was single.

Goulart is Catholic. She is also devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Goulart does charitable work helping with hospitals in her native Brazil to raise money to provide free insulin for diabetic children in need. She also wants to help on finding a cure for diabetes.

Notable appearances

During an appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien in May 2006 (14 years ago), O'Brien asked, "What kind of guy do you look for?", and Goulart simply replied "You."
On Feb. 28, 2007 (13 years ago), on a follow-up appearance on the show, O'Brien asked to dance with her, and Goulart then suggested dinner after the show. She mentioned that, "In Brazil we have a saying - You're married, but you're not dead."[citation needed]
Goulart appeared again on Late Night, this time on Feb. 7, 2008 (12 years ago). She brought O'Brien a Valentine's Day gift, which was later given away to an audience member, who ran with him to the backstage, for taking a good picture (wallpaper) of O'Brien and Brian Williams. In the episode, she mentioned that she learned English by watching Woody Woodpecker cartoons.
Goulart appeared in an episode of Two And A Half Men.
She made a guest appearance in the thirteenth episode of season 3 of Entourage alongside fellow Angel Alessandra Ambrosio.


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