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Holly Madison


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Holly Madison (Female Celebrities)
Holly Madison (Female Celebrities)
Holly Madison (Female Celebrities)
Holly Madison (Female Celebrities)
Holly Madison (Female Celebrities)
Holly Madison (Female Celebrities)
Holly Madison (Female Celebrities)
Holly Madison (Female Celebrities)
Holly Madison (Female Celebrities)
Holly Madison (Female Celebrities)
Holly Madison (Female Celebrities)
Holly Madison (Female Celebrities)
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Biography for Holly Madison

Holly Madison Cullen (born dec. 23, 1979 (42 years ago)) is an American model and TV personality, best known for appearing as Hugh Hefner's number one girlfriend with Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson on the reality TV series The Girls Next Door. Although not a Playboy Playmate, she has appeared in nude pictorials with her Girls Next Door costars and fellow Hefner girlfriends Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson. Her most recent work was as a contestant on the eighth season of Dancing with the Stars.


In 2003 (18 years ago), Madison shot a pictorial for Cyber Girl of the Week, a feature of the Playboy website. She also appeared on the cover and inside of the Nov. 2005 (16 years ago) issue of Playboy magazine, along with Marquardt and Wilkinson as part of a special pictorial promoting The Girls Next Door. The girls were featured again on the covers of the sep. 2006 (15 years ago) and the Mar. 2008 (13 years ago) issues of Playboy.

In season three of the show during the episode "My Bare Lady," Madison stated that she wants to have a career producing Playboy spreads. During seasons three and four, Holly has been shown working at the Playboy studios as an intern and later a junior photo (wallpaper) editor. She also helped design and put together The Girls Next Door 2008 (13 years ago) calendar.

In Feb. 2009 (12 years ago) she quit working for the company all together due to the split from Hefner making her position "awkward".

A self-described animal lover, Madison started writing articles about pets in 2006 (15 years ago) for a friend's quarterly magazine, The Coolest Little Pet Magazine. She describes herself as "mistress of the Mansion pooches". In Apr. 2007 (14 years ago), Madison was featured nude in a PETA ad, with the tagline "I'd rather go naked than wear fur".

In 2009 (12 years ago), she attempted a Guinness World Record rallying women from all over Las Vegas to hold the World's "largest bikini parade ever", winning the title.

Madison is currently starring in topless burlesque show Peepshow at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. She was brought in to replace Kelly Monaco (13 walls) after Monaco's three month contract was up.

Personal life

In the past, Madison has stated that she wanted to marry Hefner and have his children. During an interview at the Playmate of the Year luncheon in May 2008 (13 years ago), Hefner stated, "I love Holly very much and I think we’re going to be together the rest of my life, but marriage isn’t part of my puzzle. It’s not a personal thing; I just haven’t had much luck with marriages."

On Oct. 7, 2008 (13 years ago), Madison announced in a video posted on that her relationship with Hefner had ended, but that she, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson are "still filming stuff together." Hugh Hefner confirmed the breakup stating that, "If Holly says it's over, I guess it's over." Hefner also confirmed that all three girls are committed to a sixth season of The Girls Next Door, and that he plans to find new live-in girlfriends.

In Nov. 2008 (13 years ago), Madison began dating illusionist Criss Angel, but the relationship ended in Feb. 2009 (12 years ago). Madison was interviewed by People on Mar. 4, 2009 (12 years ago), stating "I'm never dating anybody again. I don't need a man. I'm really happy with myself and being with my friends...I'm focused on forwarding my career. I'm working on producing my own shows. Girls Next Door was a great place to start but it was somebody else's show. I'm just ready to move on." In the final episodes of Girls Next Door, which aired in Feb. 2009 (12 years ago), Madison made several references to the pending breakup with Hefner.


  • 1998 (23 years ago): The Last Broadcast
  • 2006 (15 years ago): Scary Movie 4
  • 2008 (13 years ago): The House Bunny
  • 2009 (12 years ago): The Telling

TV-shows (series)

  • 2002 (19 years ago): MTV Cribs
  • 2003 (18 years ago): The Surreal Life
  • 2003 (18 years ago): Doggy Fizzle Televizzle
  • 2004 (17 years ago): The Sharon Osbourne Show
  • 2004 (17 years ago): The Bernie Mac Show
  • 2004 (17 years ago): Viva La Bam
  • 2005 (16 years ago): The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch
  • 2005 (16 years ago): Entourage
  • 2005-2006: The Tyra Banks (4 walls) Show
  • 2005-2009: The Girls Next Door
  • 2006 (15 years ago): E! True Hollywood Story
  • 2006 (15 years ago): Amazon Fishbowl
  • 2006 (15 years ago): The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
  • 2006 (15 years ago): Robot Chicken
  • 2006 (15 years ago): The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • 2007 (14 years ago): Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  • 2007 (14 years ago): Phenomenon
  • 2007 (14 years ago): Last Call with Carson Daly
  • 2008 (13 years ago): Today
  • 2008 (13 years ago): Celebrity Family Feud
  • 2008 (13 years ago): Living Lohan
  • 2008 (13 years ago): Chelsea Lately
  • 2009 (12 years ago): Dancing with the Stars
  • 2009 (12 years ago): Kendra


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