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Eva Habermann

Facts about Eva Habermann

Date of Birth:16 January 1976
Birthplace:Hamburg, Germany
First Name:Eva
Last Name:Habermann
Height:5' 7" (170 cm)
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Star Sign:Capricorn
Claim to Fame:Lexx
Occupation:Actress, Model
Occupation Category:Actress
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Eva Habermann (Female Celebrities)
Eva Habermann (Female Celebrities)
Eva Habermann (Female Celebrities)
Eva Habermann (Female Celebrities)
Eva Habermann (Female Celebrities)
Eva Habermann (Female Celebrities)
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Biography for Eva Habermann

Eva Felicitas Habermann (born Jan. 16, 1976 (45 years ago) in Hamburg) is a German actress who has appeared in numerous movies and TV series. She is best known for playing the role of Zev Bellringer in the TV miniseries Lexx. She was succeeded in her role by Xenia Seeberg.

While studying for the (German equivalent of) her high school diploma, Eva received singing and dancing lessons. Soon after graduation, she obtained her first TV role in Lexx. She also moderated the children Pumuckl TV broadcast on German TV (1995/1996).

While Lexx was on hiatus between seasons 1 and 2, Eva appeared in the ZDF series Rosa Roth and the ARD series The Beach Club as well as appearing in the Rosamunde Pilcher movie Two sisters. Due to scheduling conflicts, she was ultimately unable to commit to the second season of the show, as, with a two year gap between the first and second seasons, she accepted other projects and thus, when Season 2 was ultimately greenlit, she was unavailable. She was, however, able to free up enough time in her schedule to appear in the first two episodes, allowing the writers to deal with her character properly.

In 1999 (22 years ago), she took drama lessons and played in such German TV series as "The crime scene", "The Investigators", "The Commissioner" and "Wild Angels".

In 2005 (16 years ago), she was in the new episodes of the twenty year old series "Black Forest Clinic" and in 2006 (15 years ago) she was seen in the TV movie "In heaven you write love differently" alongside Erol Sander.

In 2008 (13 years ago), she played again with Sander the role of Olivia O'Rourke in the movie "Who loves promises" by Rebecca Ryman.

Her comedy roles included "Angel Express" (1997, 24 years ago), "Fire, ice and cans of beer" (2001, 20 years ago), and "In the old monkey fear" (2002, 19 years ago).

In "The clown: Payday" (2005, 16 years ago) she played the role of Leah Diehl.

In 2003 (18 years ago) she was ranked #17 in [FHM]-Germany's 100 Sexiest Women.


  • Der Clown ... Leah Diehl (2005, 16 years ago)
  • Casting About ... Herself (2004, 17 years ago)
  • Der Alte Affe Angst ... Laura (2003, 18 years ago)
  • Feuer, Eis & Dosenbier ... Heidi (2002, 19 years ago)
  • Witness to a Kill ... Monica (2001, 20 years ago)
  • Angel Express ... Svenja (1999, 22 years ago)
  • Dr. Random and the clown with a frown...With Johnsky Normand (1999, 22 years ago)
  • Rosamunde Pilcher - Zwei Schwestern ... Laurie (1997, 24 years ago)
  • Star Command ... Ens. Johanna Pressler (1996, 25 years ago)

TV-shows (series)

  • Wilde Engel ... Lena Heitmann (2003, 18 years ago)
  • Code Name: Eternity ... Dr. Rosalind Steiner (2000, 21 years ago)
  • Die Strandclique ... Viola Kimmling (1999, 22 years ago)
  • Lexx ... Zev Bellringer (1997, 24 years ago)
  • First Love - Die gro├če Liebe ... Ricky (1997, 24 years ago)
  • Gegen den Wind ... Paula (1995, 26 years ago)
  • Immenhof ... Melanie (1994, 27 years ago)


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