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Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren (Female Celebrities)

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Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren (born Jan. 1, 1980 (41 years ago) in Stockholm) is a former Swedish model who married the golfer Tiger Woods on 5 Oct. 2004 (17 years ago).

Nordgren grew up in Vaxholm, a coastal town outside of Stockholm. Her mother, Barbro Holmberg, is a politician and former migration minister of Sweden, while her father is called Thomas Nordegren. She has an older brother Axel and a twin sister, Josefin. She worked in a period as a model.

Relation to Tiger Woods

Nordegren and her twin sister Josefin work as au pairs for Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik when he introduced them to Woods during the British Open in 2001 (20 years ago). In Nov. 2003 (18 years ago), attended Woods and Nordegren Presidents Cup tournament in South Africa and became officially engaged when Woods proposed at the luxury resort of Shamwari Game Reserve. On 5 Oct. 2004 (17 years ago) they were married at the 19th hole of the exclusive Sandy Lane resort on Barbados. The ceremony will have cost over $ 1.5 million and in 2007 (14 years ago) was ranked as the 9th expensive celebrity wedding.

On 18 Jun. 2007 (14 years ago) Woods proclaimed the birth of their daughter, Sam Alexis Woods, earlier that same morning, just a day after Woods came in second place in 2007 (14 years ago) U.S. Open. His daughter Sam in 2008 (13 years ago) was one of Hollywood's most popular children.

The 2 sep. 2008 (13 years ago) announced the Woods that they expected a new baby in late winter. Five months later, it was announced that Elin had been a boy, Charlie Axel 8 Feb. 2009 (12 years ago).

In dec. 2009 (12 years ago), her marriage to Woods under considerable media attention after Woods admitted adultery, which emerged after his bilkrasj near their Florida home.

Nude photo (wallpaper) incident

Shortly after Nordgrens relationship with Woods became known publicly, circulated the nude photographs of a woman who resembled her, along with text claiming that it was her. Nordgren denied violently that she had posed nude, although she model job had posed in a bikini. Nude photographs which claimed that it was her was of Playboy magazine model Kim Hiott, and most were uteldet the 2000 (21 years ago) edition of Playboy's "Nudes "special version. Despite this identification and repeated denials from Nordegren and Woods, the pressure the Irish magazine The Dubliner in sep. 2006 (15 years ago) (just before the 2006 (15 years ago) Ryder Cup) an article" Ryder Cup Filth for Ireland, "which showed nude photographs of Hiott and again claimed that this was the North Branch. Woods described the story as unacceptable ("Unacceptable") and his agent Mark Steinberg said that everyone knows that it was not her ("Everyone Knew It Was not here. It's plain as day. ") Steinberg also said that the couple were considering legal action against the magazine. The Dubliner published an apology for having printed the story, and said that they had pressed it as a satire of the tabloid press ("satire of tabloid publishing").

Nordgren won the lawsuit and as part of the settlement that was accepted by a court in Dublin, The Dubliner had to press a lengthy apology in a variety of sources, including the next issue of the journal. If they do not meet these obligations, the payment must be increased to $ 366,500 and the publisher have to pay Nordegren / Woods court costs.




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