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Dasha Astafieva

Facts about Dasha Astafieva

Date of Birth:04 August 1985
Birthplace:Ordzhonikidze, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
First Name:Dasha
Last Name:Astafieva
Height:5' 7" (170 cm)
Eye Color:Brown - Light
Hair Color:Brown - Dark
Star Sign:Leo
Claim to Fame:Playboy`s Playmate of the Month January 2009, 55th Anniversary Playmate
Occupation Category:Model
Alternative Names:Miss January 2009
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Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
Dasha Astafieva (Female Celebrities)
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Biography for Dasha Astafieva

Daria (Dasha) V. Astaf'eva (4 August 1985 , Ordzhonikidze, Ukraine) - Ukrainian model and singer. Became known, won the title Playmate of the Month commemorative magazine Playboy (55th Anniversary Playmate).

A girl from a provincial town of Ordzhonikidze made an impressive career, three years before they visit a party to the Ukrainian "Star Factory", a leading television channel M1, appear on the cover of the Ukrainian edition of Playboy, and to release an album as a singer of pop group NikitA, as well as to attract the attention of Hugh Hefner -- founder and chief editor of Playboy.

Early years

Dasha Astafieva born August 4, 1985 in the town of Ordzhonikidze, Dnipropetrovsk region. Her father worked on the railroad, and his mother - at the greenhouse complex. In school, she grew up "ugly duckling", she is often subjected to ridicule by classmates, as for the coverage of an allergic rash person, and for slim build. Some student, she also was not: in the certificate Astafieva four triples on the exact sciences. By her own admission, she received "unsatisfactory" on the behavior and did not enjoy the love of some teachers.

After high school she entered at the Directing Department of the Dnepropetrovsk theatrical college. Several years later, she confessed in an interview that her choice was completely independent: "[Mother] advised me to choose something that is the soul. She said she can not break yourself for the sake of financial or other benefits and do unloved business. So I entered the directing department. "



On the directing department, where she studied Astaf'eva, taught vocal. According Dashi classes she liked, so she regularly worked with the teacher alone. After moving to Kiev, Daria met with producer Yuri Nikitin, from which later was invited to take part in Ukrainian "Star Factory" (2007). Since 2007, when he was employed with the company Mamamusic, Astaf'eva became involved in singing professionally. And while becoming a finalist, she won a prize in the future Daria gained popularity thanks to the participation in the group Nikita, of which it came, along with Julia Kavtaradze, a former member of the group AR MI Ya In March 2009 the team released his debut album "Machine". In the same year the band Nikita apply for participation in "Eurovision" as representatives of Ukraine, but eventually filed a waiver, which was largely due to the increased popularity of Dasha Astafieva as Centerfolds.


In an interview with a male internet portal Dasha admitted that she began to dream of a modeling career with Playboy nine years, when by chance I found the house issue of the magazine with Katarina Witt on the cover. In fact, Catherine appeared on the cover of the American edition of the journal only in December 1998 , when Astafieva was 13 years old.

Whatever it was, already in the 16 years she has participated in a beauty contest, which took place in Dnepropetrovsk. There she met a model from Denmark, which has advised and Dasha try yourself as a model. When the girl came to the studio to make a portfolio, the photographer, doing substantive work, invited her to take off naked on the girl agreed, without embarrassment. According to Astafieva, when she first undressed, then did not have the ideal feminine forms: "... I was the first breast size and athletic figure - I was doing acrobatics. And then suddenly began to bloom. Probably, I to itself "pulled" figure... "Not at that time, no further Astaf'eva not pay photographers: the calculation took place on a" time for the material ". From 16 to 20 years of photography they Astafieva held almost every day. One well-known photographer, was interested in twins, seeing the photographs Astafieva, considered that it superficially resembles Betty Page - U.S. model 1950. In her role, and was the first serious photo shoot Dasha.

In April 2006, has Astaf'eva «playmate of the month" the Ukrainian edition of Playboy , as early as next in 2007 she won the title of "Girls of the Year. According to the chief editor of «Playboy Ukraine Vlada Fisun, this time the rules for choosing the best girl have been changed: the solution has no editorial board of the journal, and the reader through the SMS-voting , and thus to some extent, the victory secured the girl her popularity as a party "Star Factory". Photoshoot Astafieva for the Ukrainian issue Playboy magazine reprinted the 15 titles around the world. After the photos were in the American editorial board in June 2008, she was invited to shoot in the U.S.. Astafieva was invited to participate in the contest for a commemorative cover in honor of 55 anniversary of the magazine. Prior to that, the casting went all over the world, among all the candidates were chosen, five Americans, Ukrainian same was invited out of the competition.

Once at the villa, Hugh Hefner, 82-year-old founder of Playboy, Astaf'eva immediately became the object of his attention. Later, explaining the reasons for the sympathy on his part, Daria said: "We are with him are very similar: we listen to the same music, watch the same movies (mostly old), read the same book. Heef once confessed to me that he sees in me a reflection ". In addition, many, including himself, Hugh, noted the physical resemblance Astafieva and Betty Page, the famous model 1950, is also removed for Playboy.

Second time Astaf'eva Hefner visited the villa in December 2008 before the name of the winner announcement anniversary edition of Playboy. At the party, dedicated to this event, it shocked the American public, appearing in a transparent dress, and then took off her panties and threw them into the crowd. Later, the reason for its action model explains both :

Signing a contract with Playboy in the summer of 2008, pledged not to withdraw Astaf'eva exposed to any other publications in the past two years. The very same girl had repeatedly argued that the subsequent career of the model intends to connect it to Playboy.

In 2009, when Nikita got in the group qualifying round for the Eurovision Song Contest, Dasha Astafieva also received an offer to play in a U.S. television show the multi-«Girls Next Door» (in the lane. From English. Girls Next Door). As a result, the group filed a refusal to participate in a musical contest. According to Daria, producer Yuri Nikitin met her decision with the understanding.

In the same 2009 Astaf'eva became the face of the brand Ukrainian designer Olga Gromova «Gromova Design» in America. To create the photo shoot was invited by renowned photographer Guido Teatro Argentina. As the production company Mamamusic, he was surprised by the high professionalism of the model :

Time supermodels gone, an era of personalities. Dasha - a quintessential Slavic beauty, plastics and modesty.
Guido Teatro Argentina

Possibility of plastic surgery

Some professional American plastic surgeons argue that figure and shape Astafieva too perfect to not be the result of operations. Dr. Sherell Oston (born Sherrell J Aston) argued that the worlds Daria "less severe" than the majority of Ukrainian women, which probably is the result of blepharoplasty, nose, according to him, "looks like rhinoplasty occurred. Plump cheeks suggest the presence of filler, while the absence of wrinkles on the face with facial expressions mean the use of Botox. " Her opinion was Dr. Jennifer Uelden (born Jennifer Walden), who also drew attention to the possible use of Botox, as well as smoothing the skin on his face.

Itself Astaf'eva confirmed that after shooting for Playboy in the U.S. Americans "Ukrainian admired the skill of surgeons who could do the surgery so that can not see any traces." According to Daria, she and twin girls (Christina and Carissa Shannon) were the only models on the set that have the natural shape, without silicone implants. However, it does not exclude that in the future, may make silicone breast as a former wife of Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison (12 walls) (born Holly Madison (12 walls)).

Personal life

Family Astaf'eva, but Daria is also the son of Eugene, which is younger sister of seven years. After the runaway success Darya her parents were able to change jobs and now worked as a salesman in a jewelry salon. According Dashi, parents are proud of it, my mother at a meeting for people interested in demonstrating portfolio daughter.

At the present time (June 2009) Astaf'eva not have a permanent partner. According to her, her first love was a guy from school, with which lasted seven years. As she recalled Astaf'eva: "I was 17 years old, I liked a boy, and I did all the first steps yourself." When asked about the first sexual experience, Daria added: "Yes, I was so in love that first seduced him". The reason for parting Astaf'eva explained as follows: "our vital interests were greatly vary. I also think it did not suit that I had in my life in control and do not always allow the man to lead a ". Returning for the first time from America Astaf'eva in an interview said that she could not imagine "how it happened, if it was a close loved one. Perhaps I would not go anywhere and ".

Since his first stay in the mansion of Hefner Daria widely advertises the warm relations that exist between them. She has repeatedly stressed that the 82-year-old Playboy founder has devoted her attention much more than all the other girls on the estate, including its so-called "wives" . Nevertheless Astaf'eva denied any intimacy:

To me, he never molested. It so happened that Heef sleeps only with blondes. His sympathy for Betty Page, and to me - an exception. Of course, I can not say, but if I showed him more than sympathy, perhaps, he would have invited me to her. But we have a purely platonic relationship. Yes, I have no end in everyone's eyes hug, kiss and confess his love. Daru unusual gifts: our picture with him, the Ukrainian national shirt, t-shirt with his picture... I just love him as a person. And he feels, where the line that you can afford with a woman.

In May 2009, when Astaf'eva going to once again visit the Hefner mansion, the press reported that she began to paint. The model itself explained her new hobby availability of free time, which appeared after the operation on his knee. Give your first picture of her mother, she is working on the next, which intends to give Hefner.

Hobbies and interests

Among his favorite musicians Astaf'eva calls Nina Simone, Sade, Ray Anthony, Roy Orbison and Nino Katamadze. According to Daria, in professional terms she admires Betty Page: "She was the first and the best in my favorite style Pin-up girl". As a youth Astafieva have always had many hobbies, in particular, she attended a circle of woven carpets, six years was engaged in acrobatics. According to her mother, Irina, she is always beautifully painted and loved to dance.


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