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Audrina Patridge

Facts about Audrina Patridge

Date of Birth:09 May 1985
Birthplace:Los Angeles, California
First Name:Audrina
Middle Name:Colleen
Last Name:Patridge
Height:5' 7?" (171 cm)
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair Color:Brown - Dark
Star Sign:Taurus
Claim to Fame:The Hills
Occupation Category:Actress
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Audrina Patridge (Female Celebrities)
Audrina Patridge (Female Celebrities)
Audrina Patridge (Female Celebrities)
Author: Nyleen
Audrina Patridge (Female Celebrities)
Audrina Patridge (Female Celebrities)
Audrina Patridge (Female Celebrities)
Author: Nyleen
Audrina Patridge (Female Celebrities)
Audrina Patridge (Female Celebrities)
Audrina Patridge (Female Celebrities)
Audrina Patridge (Female Celebrities)
Audrina Patridge (Female Celebrities)
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Biography for Audrina Patridge

Audrina Cathleen Patridge (born May 9, 1985 (35 years ago)) is an American TV personality and actress, known as one of the original primary cast members on the MTV reality show The Hills. Patridge will be appearing as the lead in her own reality series The Audrina Show which premieres in 2010 (10 years ago). She has also appeared in Sorority Row (3 walls) and Into The Blue (8 walls) 2.


Reality TV

After moving to Los Angeles, she was hired for a job at Quixote Studios as a receptionist. In 2006 (14 years ago), Laguna Beach stars Lauren Conrad (11 walls) and Heidi Montag moved into her building to shoot their MTV show The Hills. Audrina became friends with both girls and joined the cast of the series. In the latest Hills seasons, Audrina has been working for Epic Records On May 28, 2009 (11 years ago), she confirmed during an interview on On Air with Ryan Seacrest that she will be leaving The Hills to star in her own reality-based program documenting her life outside the Hills. She will leave The Hills as soon as filming wraps on the extra episodes for the fifth season. Her new show, The Audrina Show, will be produced by Mark Burnett and will air on MTV in early 2010 (10 years ago).


Patridge launched her Hollywood career appearing on the reality show The Hills and then landed a minor role in Into The Blue (8 walls) 2: The Reef. The movie was released straight to DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) on Apr. 21, 2009 (11 years ago). Patridge has appeared in the TV series Mad TV and Do Not Disturb (TV series).

In Aug. 2008 (12 years ago), she was cast as Megan in Sorority Row; production was carried out from Oct. 2008 (12 years ago) to early 2009 (11 years ago), and the movie was released on sep. 11, 2009 (11 years ago).

Patridge has acted in 7 Carl's Jr. commercials during 2009 (11 years ago). She also has a small minor role/cameo in the 2010 (10 years ago) comedy/drama Young Americans. Also, she is in negotiations to play the part based on her friend Lauren Conrad (11 walls) in the movie LA Candy based on the book by Conrad. If she signs to the role, this will be her first lead role. Patridge is also rumored to play the role of Kayla Miller in several episodes of The CW hit reboot of 90s nighttime soap Melrose Place of the same name in the new year.

It has been reported that in Jan. 2010 (10 years ago), Patridge will begin filming a 16 Episode TV Drama named Hollywood Forever alongside Kelly Osbourne and Josh Henderson, based on the novel by Nicole Richie (10 walls), The Truth About Diamonds.

Personal life

Patridge grew up in Yorba Linda, California. In Aug. 2008 (12 years ago), she purchased a house in Los Angeles' Hollywood Dell neighborhood. On Feb. 22, 2009 (11 years ago), Patridge's home was robbed by two unmasked thieves.

In Mar. 2008 (12 years ago), nude pictures (wallpaper) of Patridge were published online. "They were taken when I was just out of high school and beginning to model," Patridge has explained. "I was naïve, overly trusting of people, and inexperienced."


TV-shows (series)

  • *2006-2009: The Hills (role: Herself)
  • *2008: MAD TV (role: Various)
  • *2008: Do Not Disturb (role: Hot Girl From The Hills)
  • *2009: Family Guy (role: Reality Star (Voice))
  • *2010-present: Melrose Place (role: Kayla Miller) (Rumored)
  • *2010-present: The Audrina Show (role: Herself)
  • *TBA: Hollywood Fever (role: Rumored)


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